Received my #LoveBonito Mahlon Midi Jumpsuit! Took size S for this and it fits with slight allowance. I love it when jumpsuit has back zip instead of side zip. The pockets are functioning pockets as well but you have to cut the thread open. There are 2 belt/sash loop near the back of the waist on the left and right side. This means that you can't adjust where you want to tie the sash or place your belt at.

From side view! Thank God it didn't amplified my fats on the hips. The material is very comfy and I'm definitely keeping this.

After I've submitted my assignment due, I'll be a free bird~

But next week is very pack with many things to do & fellowship with my dear friends. I love to hang out and catch up with people whom I call friends. I was sharing with a friend, the older I get, the harder I want to keep my inner circle and has a stricter definition with friend.

Anyway, 8 more hours before Big Man reach SG. Can't wait for him to be back for me to bully and for him to annoy me.

I almost want to throw away the envelope after taking out my jumpsuit until momma ask me how come there's something else in it??!

I almost throw my measuring tape away. Totally forgot about this. So HAPPIE receiving the measuring tape! The color looks so lovely and you can press a button at the back to "keep" back the tape.

Wearing my favourite #TheClosetLover babydoll romper to fetch Big Man today. I woke up slightly later than my alarm time and I had to rush around to prepare.

Anyway, I really think #sk2 facial essence mask is another life saver for me. My skin will be very dry and bad condition if I wake up with insufficient sleep.

In situations like this where I knew I'll need to wake up at 7am but I'm still awake at 1am, I'll put on a piece of this for 20 minutes and the next day, my skin will appears to be in good condition.

I know this mask is expensive and there are a mixed review with many saying that it doesn't work. But for me, it works very well!!

#dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

I'll be fetching him alone because I have a law module assignment due and I've not really started on it. So after the big big group is done with whatever they need, I'm going to disappear from the airport with Big Man at the fastest speed to rush home to do assignment.

There are friends who offered to come and drive us but either couldn't make it or I've rejected the offer.

I think I have no time for him to catch up with friends today since we are packed the next few days.

I'm a bad #dayrewives because all I can think of now is either sleeping on bed(waking up at 7am has became unearthly for me) or rushing my law assignment.

Big man landed earlier than expected and I'm still on the bus crawling at 40km per hour for the whole trip.

Seriously can't the bus driver go any faster πŸ™„πŸ™„. Seeing all the vehicles zooming by me pissed me off a lot. I think I can run faster than the bus.

My big man returns!!

I've got a small gift from him too! Think he grab this last min at the DFS together with his colleagues.

Lancome perfume!!

The miniature bottles for collection!

Finally reunited with my Big Man. As usual, the big big group was there and all.

Big man was looking for me and he slimmed down by 8kg 😱😱! Thank God I lost some weight too if not I'll look so fat beside him.

This 五香 from Hougang tasted really really good. I don't usually eat 五香 but this, I can't resist!!

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

We are back home from our in-law place and I just want to say:


Nothing beats the feeling of having him around even thou it'll take me a while to get use to him after 4.5 months.

Having my best friend in the house accompanying me to chill & all. My schedule and his schedule are very packed for September so I'm looking forward to the Bangkok trip in October to spend some quality time with him.

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