Worn #TheClosetLover casual dress which is super comfy for school today.

#tclootd #ootd

Paired it with denim jacket too because the malls & school will be cold!

I was supposed to start on my assignment for my law module which is due on 2359, 12/09.

The laziness level in me hits a new high level so I just sat on the bed from 9am all the way till 2pm before I decide that I've been coping myself at home(both mine & my in-law) for too long. I've been shopping everyday from Sunday till yesterday but non of the parcel has reach me. My 2 LB orders are with Ninja Van and I don't expect them to be so effective like Courex.

So, I decided to go window shop~~!!


This is the reason why I'm leaving home earlier than my usual time for school. I want to get this #Adidas sweatshirt for my upcoming HK & Europe trip.

Sigh~~ I think the trips are just excuses to shop more 🙈🙈.

Let's hope I'll get some "luck" and this is available in SG. I've been thinking about it since yesterday & it'll be quite upsetting if this is not available in SG.

Sushi express is such a disappointment today. Can't believe I left the place with my usual miso soup with just 2 plates of sushi.

Saw #MDSCollections so I went in to try this off shoulder dress that I've bought online with the $30 voucher won.

I love this dress IRL a lot too, more than from the photo itself. It's not too short for me and the elastic band at the off shoulder is quite big and comfy. You won't have to worrie about it dropping.

Paid a total of $9.90 for this only after using the voucher to offset. I'm bringing this over for my Bangkok trip!! Need to start planning for my outfit to BKK.

This is oos in SG outlet and the black one is oos on ASOS too. Should have bought the UK6 because I tried a sweatshirt and UK6 fits me.

How there's only blue color that's left on ASOS! Should I get this in blue?

Went to try shoes at #Charlesandkeith. So many girls look so chic in this shoe while I make it look like some bathroom slipper 🙄🙄.

I've not been to any #LoveBonito warehouse sales before because the queue is always SUPER long & horrible. The very kind big man always volunteer to help me to queue while I stay in the air con malls but I can't bear to make him do that at all.

I'm excited that I'm going for my first ever LB warehouse sales this year and because I have the VIP invite, there's no need to queue. Bringing my meimei-in-law together with me while big man waits outside for us.

Ombré dress 😍😍!

Okie I'm going Bugis tmr after my driving and before cell group to try this.

I took some time out to help a classmate with another psychology module which I've done it 2 years ago. This is not the first time I'm helping out classmate on psychology modules because apparently, many other degrees like communication studies, security studies are required to take Psy modules as their major elective. For many of them, Psy mod are tough because they don't have the basic and all.

And I find myself loving to teach & help a lot. It's like the passion for teaching never dies.

Look what is waiting for me at home!!

Love bonito Damia Flounce Hem Asymmetrical Dress. I bought S and it fits well with quite a lot of allowance.

The material is quite stiff and definitely requires some ironing before I can wear it out.

This looks very similar to the Love & Bravery dress that I had. Big man say I should keep it because I look nice in it but I'm having second thoughts about this.


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