I added quite a few beauty items into my cart, still thinking if I should cart out all the items 🙈🙈!

So much talk about cutting down on shopping.

I saw this electric hairbrush straightener around and I saw quite a few raves on this. Anybody has this? Any review on this??


Browsing thru FB and saw someone shared this post on Wonderful ideas for interior, thought it'll be good for #Dayrehomes.

Shall bookmark this with #JAHomie for my own reference!

I intend to put a carpet in the living room in future but I think Big Man will be against it because I have very sensitive nose, it has to be kept clean and dust-free ALL the time!!

There's different schemes on how to do up a photo wall. I think you can find many suggestions on how to do up a nice & tidy photo wall. I've seen messy ones before and it makes the place looks weird!!

This is a brilliant idea!!

We will always leave a gap between our refrigerator and cabinets. It'll be good if we can have a sliding hidden small cabinet to put those dry can food. Houses are so small nowadays and I love ideas which help to utilize space.

I'm not sure how do-able this will be but I'll definitely bring up this idea!!


Singapore ranked 54/200 on the overall Global Gender Gap 2015.

1 = equality obtained
0 = inequality

Economic Participation & Opportunity: 0.814

Educational Attainment: 0.945

Health & Survival: 0.967

Political Empowerment: 0.119

Is there any real equality between the gender in our society whereby we view ourselves as being modern and westernized?

In case you are interested, US ranked 28/200 with score of 0.162 in Political Empowerment and 0.999 in Educational attainment.

The first on the list is Iceland with 0.719 in Political Empowerment and 1.000 in Educational Attainment.

I'm not surprised by the score or the gender gap that countries faced, even for SG.

Like I always say, there can never be equality between man and woman because we are created to do different things.

Even in a marriage, if the husband wants to do everything that the wife does or vice versa, the wife wants to do what the husband does, I feel that there's no meaning in that marriage because the marriage has become a competition of who is more capable. A marriage should be a partnership whereby husband & wife play their part and use their strength to bless each other.

Again, there shouldn't be a generalized gender role of what a husband or wife should do.

Ann Oakley said that Motherhood is a myth because it's socially constructed that motherhood is something natural and not nurtured or socialized.

I agree that motherhood is a myth in the sense that why doesn't father has to play a part in being the main care taker too? We live in a society where majority of us grew up with an absent father and it seems to be norm and alright.

When I was younger, I always remind myself that it is very important to find a man that loves family and children so that in future, my children do not have to grow up with an absent father like I did.

BOTH parents should be the main care taker.

I'm glad big man love kids and I'm sure he'll be a loving father in future looking at how he took care of Axel boy when he was a kid or even his own little sister.

Enough of all these, 12 more hours before my assignment is due.


881/1500 words.

I think I'll be able to finish my assignment by 3pm? Then perhaps I shall go for a run in the gym because my knee seems to be healing well. Momma is very paranoid that I've gotten some mozzie bites, which is quite common for me. So I'll have to hit the gym to run instead of the park.

Jiayou Mandy!

Just submitted my assignment!! I think I'm very good at last minute rushing assignment or studying for exams.

This means my Wednesday is free~~!!! Which means I'm urging to do some shopping because the Taobao purchases from last night doesn't seem to be Shiok enough.

#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @poppynotes @charmchuang @pwure @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy @teebeijia @acrxtheuniverse @jerine @cheryllee @linettewhz @saudaded

This basic midi jumper looks good but for $42, hmmmm!

This looks good too but I think the measurement down looks too short on me. And I have many similar outer dresses like this from Taobao!!

I super love this but no more size on ASOS, I don't think I can fit UK6? Or can I just take a gamble to get this first??

After stopping for 9 days, #mandyrunninglog is back. Did a slow run because both my knees just recover and when I attempt to run fast, it does hurt a little.

Momma doesn't allow me to run in the park because I've gotten 2 mozzie bites at home and she's so paranoid over them. There's lemongrass aroma, purple light to "trap" and "kill" mozzie and a lot of stuff around but they just don't work.

Anyway, shall come to the gym again tmr morning if I'm not feeling lazy. Need to burn the fats!!

My lunch & dinner for today. I love soup and I can't survive without soup. Pouring in my favorite ingredients and tadah, I can survive the whole day on the whole pot of soup.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

I was clearing my beauty stuff and trying to see what I've bought from Korea. I didn't realized that I bought so many lip balms back.

You can tell that my favourite has to be Burt Bee, they are my lip saver and I can't survive without them in air con places.

And yes, I still have quite a lot of stuff from Korea & Taiwan trip that I have not tried out yet, like the Faceshop and Disney collection!!


These mask from Taiwan too!

My skin is very sensitive so honestly, I don't think I dare to try the mask. I think last year in December, I did a giveaway of beauty and makeup worth more than SGD1k 😅😅.

How to resist them? It's like, you have to BUY even if you can't use them. Very very bad shopping habit.

Shopping #TaoBao accessories tonight.

This flower necklace is so prettie! I ordered 3 necklaces in total, $3.46 each.

So gorgeous right??

$3.46, I hope this will look as nice as the photo!

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