Original price of dress: $42.00
Selling price of dress: $35.00
Price I offered for quick deal: $33.00
Price being offered: $20.00

Seriously #Carouhell 🙄🙄.

And yes I give free normal mail and the girl doesn't understood what it meant by $33 is the lowest I'll go.

I've officially wasted my Monday but I need to head to bed now because I have to wake up early in the morning for hospital visit.

Technically, I'll start my engine for my assignment and I might skip class.

Big man must be shaking his head now.

Been a long while since I set alarm and wakie at 7.30am!

Wearing #TheClosetLover romper for my #OOTD today.


I want this measuring tape. I'm not sure how but I lost all of momma's measuring tape at home. Everytime when somebody ask for measurement on carousell or I want to check out measurement for clothing, there's no way to do so.

Burst my data by a lot this month and there's still 1 week to go. Too much waiting time in the hospital for more than a week and the data used at the 5 days wake too.

Now I'm in hospital playing the waiting game so I'll burst my data again.

My phone bill this month, 💔💔💔💔!

Sinful lunch, Spicy Tortilla Angus beef burger.

Tasted not bad but too spicy for my liking.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

At my in-law place after the hospital day surgery. Thank God everything went fine.

And yes, I think I'm more motivated to do assignments outside the comfort of my own home. At least I wrote my introduction, 1450 more words to go.

Assignment 🙄🙄🙄🙄.

Pain in the neck, head, hand & whole body.

I'm toying with the idea of getting 1 just to keep because they look too beautiful not to own one. And I've read so many raves about them.

Should I pay $19.90 for this? Is this really that good??

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

I'm bored of assignment and decided 400 words is more than enough for today. I'll squeeze out another 1100 words tmr and submit before 2359!

Anyway, I wanted to do some shopping so I went to check out #MDSCollections since I've received a $30 voucher from them. Gotten this off shoulder dress, let's hope it'll not be too short on me.

Shopping does brighten up my day a little but I'm still in the "I'm lazy mood". And yes, I'm skipping school because papa-in-law prepared a feast for dinner.

Food > School

My very sinful dinner, the Saving grace is that I had brown rice instead of normal rice.

This #TheClosetLover top looks good!! Shall make a trip down to try.

When a Toyota Alphard pick you up for GrabHitch! I love love love big cars, never a fan for sports or 2 doors car.

Current status: #Taobao -ing

I'll do my assignment at 11pm after I'm done taobao-ing 🙈🙈

$3.26, I can't say no to checkers!!


I miss shopping on #TaoBao whereby everything is so cheap & affordable.

Bought the black version too!!

Getting this long sleeve and high neck top for my winter Europe trip! Intending to wear it for the cold HK trip too.

$3.70 only!

This looks super comfy but it's $12. Still considering if I should get it.

I love this, $4.33!

Was deciding between dark blue and this but decided to go ahead and get this.

Love at first sight, $3.87! Let's hope it'll look good on me.

That's all I've carted! My PRIME membership has ended and I don't intend to get the annual prime membership.

Paid a total of SGD45.70 for the above, let's hope they will arrive soon!!

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