☕️☕️ wakie to coffee and off for breakkie with my Twinnie before service. After which I'll be heading to my in-law place alone again for the last time because big man will be back next week.

Yes I'll keep nagging and chanting that he's back next week.

Wearing #LoveBonito babydoll cut dress, fuss free dress for a fuss free day.

Anyway, it's good to air the wound. My right knee's wound has dry up so I didn't want to gauze it up. But the left knee's damage is much greater than the right, so off it goes in a gauze again.

Can't wait for both knees to recover because I miss running. When I can't find the time to run, I'll start to feel fat.

We are less than a month away from #Bangkok and it's the first trip for mei mei. My MIL went BKK last year on a tour but it was a super bad experience for her so I hope this trip will salvage BKK in her impression.

I love planning for trips and you can tell for all trips, be it with friends/fammie, I'll be the one booking stuff and planning itinerary because I love doing all these troublesome stuff 😅😅.

Okie I kid, but I do enjoy researching and finding places to explore.

As usual, I'll start to do my research on what's unique to get from Bangkok. Apart from Melissa shoes(which are much cheaper than SG), this #Adidas X Issey Miyake bag kept showing up.

It's a backpack which I think looks quite adorable & unique. The issue is that I have many backpacks and I'm not using them often enough.

But this collaboration series between Adidas & Issey Miyake looks too good to skip. I think it cost about SGD160-180 depending on exchange rate?

What do you girls think?

Mini Twinnie calls me Auntie Amanda, smile at me and gave me a big hug.

My heart is full.

Yesterday, little Choo Choo showered so much love on god-momma.

My heart is bursting.

Here's the list of cafes that I've been too and will want to bring my Momma-in-law & Mei-Mei-in-law to visit these places again.

This post is for my reference so that I'll know where to go when I'm in BKK.

1. Roast

Address: The COMMONS
335 Thonglor Soi 17, Sukhumvit 55
Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

(Take cab about 20 mins from the hotel we stay to The Commons where the few cafes are at)

I love their brunch menu and this highly rave cafe serves food that is pretty decent.

I think Big Man will love their egg Benedict here. Oh, it'll be his first trip to BKK too so I hope to impress him with the cafe food because he has heard so much about BKK's cafe from me.

2. Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Address: SeenSpace Thonglor 13, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

To be honest, the cakes and drinks here are so-so but the decoration of the whole place is very lovely. I think mei mei will love this place.

The outlet that I went is very near to Roast and since there's no minimum spending, it'll be nice to spend an hour there for us to enjoy the decoration.

3. Karmakamet Diner

Address: 10110, 30/1 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Note to self: 5 min walk from BTS Phrom Phong

I heard a lot about their brunch menu but when I went last year, lunch & dinner menu wasn't available so we can only order sides & this insta-worthy candy floss dessert which we didn't eat much of it.

I love the garden + aroma feel of this little place tucked in a quiet corner of BKK. The prices are a little pricy, I remembered we paid SGD90 for 2 drinks, this candy floss dessert & 3 sides.

But still, I want to bring Big Man to this place!! And I want to purchase their aroma oil too.

4. After You Siam Paragon

Address: Siam Paragon, Level One.

I'm not a bread or waffle lover but this toast from After You tasted so good till I still remember the taste of it.

Big man, being an ultra dessert fan, will definitely love the toast here.

5. One Ounce For Onion

Address: Ekkamai 12, Sukhumvit 63 Road

(Take cab! I tried to walk from nearest BTS and it takes me 25 mins)

This is very special and unique, worth a try if we have the time. And there's a whole stretch of cafes like 24 Owls(whole cafe is decorated with owls), Greyhound cafe(which I find is overrated) and many Japanese artisan cafes along the way.

I'm keeping this as a backup just in case we do not have much shopping to do.,

6. Boat noodles at Victory Monument

Address: Victory Monument, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400

(Take BTS to Victory Monument, Exit 3. Walk the bridge which leads to the northwards towards the monument. Once you past the monument, look down to the streets and find a stretch of stalls lining the canal. Behind the shopping mall where I got the super cheap dress at).

We spent a good 20 minutes trying to find the place because google map brought us to the wrong place.

This is love! I tried the boat noodle places in SG and nothing can be compared to authentic boat noodles in BKK.

My favourite has to be the kuay teow with beef soup, then I'll ask for extra spicy. I had a total of 9 bowls while trying other combinations too. This time round, I'm going to just whack the kuay teow beef soup only. And no more fishball stick, tasted so awful.

7. Rod Fai Market

Address: Srinakarin Soi 51(Behind Seacon Square)

(Take BTS to On Nut station, take cab over from there)

I love Rod Fai market. I heard about how boring the new Rod Fai Market is so I'm bringing them to the old one still.

Now, these are the places that I want to visit and to bring them along too. If anybody has been to any of these places, please advise if it's worth a visit.

1. Summer Street

Address: Summer Street, Ari Soi 2
(Mon-Sat, 4-10pm)

(Take cab to this ulu place)

Ever since I saw this on IG, I knew I had to go. Fresh seafood cooked over charcoal, how to resist??

Photo credit: Summer Street IG

2. Toby's Cafe

Address: Sukhumvit soi 38

(Near to Roast)

Their brunch menu and reviews look too good to miss. I saw many rave about the black truffle cream sauce, so going to order that when I'm there.

Photo credit: Toby's FB

3. Rocket Coffeebar S49

Address: 1/F, Grease building, Piman 49, Sukhumvit Soi 49, Bangkok, Thailand

(10 mins walk from Thong Lor BTS)

This place is too insta-worthy and I think the food looks good too.

Photo credit: Daniel Food Diary

3. Art Box Night Market

Address: Chatuchak area

They will reopen on 30th September so the first day we reach Bangkok, we have to head to Art Box and the next day to Rod Fai. The new address is not out yet but it'll be at Chatuchak area.

(Take BTS to Kamphaengphet Station, Exit 1)

This has been a place that I want to go & explore.

Photo credit: the owner(whom I don't know who).


Address: 136/3 Thonglor Soi 11 Vaddhana,
Sukhumvit 55

(Same area as Roast etc)

Another nicely done up cafe, I think this cafe is very insta-worthy!

Photo credit: The cafe itself

5. (UN)Fashion Cafe

Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand

(Alight at BTS Ekkaimai, walk to Sukumvit 63 Soi 10 for about 10 min)

I love the whole decoration of the cafe!!

On the way home from my in-law place. I'll always overstay at their place because there's so many things to talk to my momma-in-law & Meimei-in-law.

Too tired to continue my BKK post, shall continue again tmr because I still have quite a few cafes that I've yet to post and I don't see much reviews around too.

I think our BKK trip will be so fun but a pity we got 2 rooms instead of 1 because we wanted to stay at the hotel which I've been staying for the past 3 trips. And this hotel, they don't have rooms with 2 queen size bed.

I have travelled quite a lot with my girlies, imagine 2 Europe trips & 3 HK trips with my +1 already but I've only brought momma overseas once. And I've made at least 5 trips with my wifey alone too. That's a lot of trips with my girlies!

Momma used to bring me around when I was young, time to bring her around now since I have the ability and while she is still able to travel and move around. I love Big Man's family a lot too, he always complains that he is the outsider while I'm the daughter because I get along so well with his family. I want to bring my in-laws and mei mei overseas while we can afford too.

As I age, my momma & my in-law age together with me too. It's a pity that I didn't spend enough time with my eldest uncle. He didn't managed to wait for me to bring him to HK this year too and it'll be a regret I'll have for life.

For now, after graduation, I want to work hard and bring them overseas. They don't need the trips or us forking out the money but I want to give them the best that I could.

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