A brand new week begins~~

Even thou I'm not working, I still feel the Monday blue because it's assignment week with 2 datelines.

Gender issues on politics doesn't seem too tough but Law & Order is sick. We need to research on the phenomenon of serial cats killer in Yishun and discuss which CJS did Singapore use. Also, we have to talk about media position on this too.

I can't wait for the weekdays to be over and I'll be done with assignments and welcome Big Man back!!

I didn't know Oreo has Tiramisu flavour and they came up with a thin version. I don't really fancy Oreo because I find it too sweet for my liking. Big Man is the one with sweet tooth while I don't like sweet stuff at all. I prefer spicy & sour instead!

My papa-in-law managed to convince me to bring a pack home to try. He promised that this will not be too sweet for my liking.

The thin version of Oreo and I love to pair this with my milk. Honestly, this doesn't taste as sweet as I expected it to be. The usual Oreo is very thick and I find it too sweet for my liking. This thin version suits my tastebud more!!

Thanks papa-in-law for introducing this to me, now my supper will be more than just milk if I'm too hungry!!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Goodie morning!!

I wanted to wake up at noon but I decided it's getting bored rolling around on bed.

And I realized that I have to do up a time table for days like this when I'll be home the whole day. There's quite a bit of stuff that I have to do but many times, before I realized it, I've wasted the whole day away doing nothing!!

Even when datelines are near, I'll just chillax my day away then rush like mad or burn midnight oil to complete them.

I'll be helping out in a friend's wedding and I have to do out a detailed wedding timeline for him. I need to do out a proper plan for BKK, select places to go & to dine in for HK for my fammie to choose.

Our Europe trip is happening in 4 months and I've yet to book the hotels, do enough research to know where I want to go and make booking on day trips. And yes, traveling in Christmas/end year is extremely expensive in Europe if we don't make our booking in advance!!

After talking so much, let me enjoy my coffee + Oreo with my drama first.

Today's laziness level hits 1000%😝😅.

Anyway, Courex is delivering my Love Bonito loots. Can't wait to see the playsuit!!

Lunch today! I hate vegetables but I love fruits. I love love love my fruits and I can't live without them.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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This looks good! Should I?

This came as a surprise because my last MDSootd was on 1st August, a romper that I worn to Korea. And that romper was my first purchase in 2016 too.

Anyway, thanks for blessing me with $30 for online shopping!! Shall drop by the shop to check out what's nice before purchasing online. I love free shopping~~!!!!

I like this top a lot too, I know they are selling the skirt but anybody knows if it's from old collection or could it be an upcoming item??

Anyway, my LB stuff finally reached me.

Waited so long for this Pamilly Pussybow Contrast Playsuit!! The top part is in chiffon material while the bottom is polyester material.

I love this romper a lot but the bottom seems to be too loose on me. I took M instead of S because I'm worried it'll be too short & too tight for me. Turns out, PTP for M turns out okie but the bottom part is quite loose!

Decided to pair it with a belt to create the waistline. I think I prefer it with a belt.

What do you girls think? Belt or no belt??

Next is this Shadell Pocket Denim Shirt. I took S and it's very oversized. It's made of cotton and doesn't feel too warm for SG weather.

I worn it over my playsuit because I'm lazy to pair it with shorts. Laziness from slacking whole afternoon away!!

How it'll look if it's tucked in. Not much feel with this top.

Okie I'm not keen to keep this top and it's oos on the website.

I'm letting go of Shadell Pocket Denim Shirt, S, BNWT at SGD36.00(free normal mail).


I think LB knows I'm saving money, nothing else caught my eyes from Weekly Staple apart from the Olive dress that I've just gotten! I'm hoping the grey structured top is a new launch item for this week too!!

Time check: 7.50pm

I have not on my laptop to do any research or assignment yet.


Randomly browsing for #JAHomie ideas and I love this minimalist concept with black, white & grey.


This looks good too!

We are discussing if we should knock down the way connecting our room to walk-in wardrobe.

Yes, big man is very firm in getting me a walk-in wardrobe and I'm quite certain I need one too. But I'm not too keen on knocking down a wall to connect 2 rooms into 1.

I won't mind doing a "lazy corner" in our living room too if we have the space to do so.

10.30pm and I wasted whole day doing nothing. I didn't even read the article which we are supposed to read before starting my assignment.

And yes, dateline is 2359 on 7th September.

I love to go school to study but I hate assignments and exams.

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