I think this fammie trip planning is efficient. We decided the date last Sat in 10 minutes, air ticket choice was decided in 1 hour and tickets were booked within the next.

This morning, I was showing them the HK hotel that I always stay during my visit to HK and everyone was alright with the price so I booked it within 5 minutes.

But still, nothing win the Taiwan trip in 2014 where we decide and book it in 1 hour then fly off in 4 days. Most expensive air ticket + hotel paid for Taiwan 😅.

Full #OOTD in #LoveBonito today.

Loving the Arya Asymmetrical Camisole and Lanneke Layered Shorts. Bought my #Balenciaga out too for a casual look.

Closer photo of the top, love the flowy-ness of it. And I'm glad white is not sheer at all.

Talking about Balenciaga, anybody check out their Fall/Winter 2016 collection?? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this from Balenciaga. If I'm not wrong, they are price at USD1,100 onwards.

When I first saw it, I thought it was some joke or online portal making fun of them until I went to search and yes, it's from Balenciaga😂😂.

Totally resembles the cheap & good blue-red-white plastic bag! You should go check out the Instagram post that make fun of Balenciaga, super super funny.

Drop by #TheClosetLover to try their clothing since I'm around here.

This top is silky kind of material that's thin but not sheer in dark colors. I think the sleeve is too long for my liking.

Tried this basic top too, I don't really like chiffon material so skipped this as well.

Tried this dress too but the cutting makes my arm looks very fat.

Tried this minimalist dress too but too bad it's chiffon. Surprisingly S doesn't appear too short on me.

It was freezing cold on the train so I took out my shawl to put around me. This auntie suddenly went very loudly in dialect to her friend: "Take a thin useless shawl out like that will be cold meh? So useless put for what".

Hello auntie, my dialect is very bad but I know you are talking about me and when I turn to her to give her that death stare immediately, she uses a gangster way to ask "See what see".


All because my dialect is bad and I don't want to create a din.

I was supposed to be out but because my knee hurts, I'm back home airing the wound and letting it heal.

Took this one and only OOTD before heading home to rest my knee. Don't ask me why I look so fierce in the photo.

Feel so love when my ex-Senior manager who has became a friend help me to buy & deliver this chips all the way to my house when she knows that my knees are hurting.

So much love 🙆🏻.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

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