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Love Bonito Showroom

It has been a while since I updated this place proper. DAYRE has taken over my love for blog but I still love this space here. This is the 14th year that I’ve been blogging and this makes me sound so old! 

Anyway, I’m supposed to visit LB Showroom on the 20th August but my priority was my eldest uncle at that point before he passed on. So I have to cancel my attendance last minute but the kind people at LB invited me over again last night. 

Wearing Love Bonito’s romper over to the showroom. This time round, there’s nothing much that attracted me in the showroom. Either I’ve already own the item or tried it during the previous LB experience. Having said that, I managed to bag home 3 items which I loved a lot. 

Tried the upcoming Madena Contrast Midi Dress. Tried the grey & red in S and it fits nicely with zero allowance. Tried the navy & mustard in M size because I’m unsure of the sizing and it fits with zero allowance too. Personally I feel that S & M doesn’t seem to have any difference when worn. This is another body con dress which I felt is very flattering and nice. If I’m still working and requires work clothing, I will definitely bag home one. 

Do note that the sleeve part is very cut in, I don’t think you can wear normal bra without showing the bra strap. 

Another weekly staple from this week that has yet to be launched. Rahel Printed top with Shenita Sash Midi skirt(which was launched yesterday). I took S for both and they fit nicely. I was told to upsize for the Skirt for it to be more boxy & Pom but that will make my hip look very big with that extra space. 

I tried this Rahel Printed top with Lanneke Layered Shorts. I tried S size for the shorts instead and I think S suits me better, the M size that I bought seems to be too loose for me now. 

Anyway, this is the printed top which a lot of girls are aiming. Personally, I don’t like halter neck top and the prints is not my kind of style but I still decided to give it a try. The material is very comfortable and I feel is very suitable for SG weather. 

Tried this babydoll maxi dress from the old collection too. I think this makes me look very pregnant as compared to the other babydoll romper that I owned.

Tried this olive shirt dress too and I quite like it. Material wise, this dress is very structured and I think it’s another fuss free dress where you can just wear and head out. But I feel it’s not worth the price tag of SGD42 for a simple structured shirt dress. 

I have been wanting this top since I saw it from last week’s weekly staple but due to the wake, I’ve missed all the launches. Thank God they have mustard in S for me to try & I bagged it home with me. I love simple basic tops like this where I can pair it with any bottoms and my usual loud necklace. 

Initially I have not much feel for this Asymmetrical Camisole but after seeing how many girls look good in this on DAYRE, I decided to give it a try. I took S and tried the baby blue color. Love the cutting a lot, another simple top that is fuss free. I ended up bagging the white one home because it’s not sheer and I love the white version of it!

I love this drop waist dress but I’m too slow last week to cart this too. The mustard looks so nice on so many girls but they only have lilac in S available at the showroom. It’s slightly short on me but I love the cutting and overall of this dress. As long as I don’t pair it with a heels, I guess the length should be fine. Bagged this home too. 

That’s all that I’ve tried from the Lb Showroom. I was aiming the denim shirt and playsuit but they ain’t available in the showroom and this means fastest finger first game again. I’ll be so upset if I can’t get the playsuit. 

Anyway, I really look forward to the next invitation & session with them. 

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