I love nights like this where I get to watch my favourite HK drama or Taiwan variety show.

Choose an aroma & put it into my diffuser to enjoy the scent. My usual pick will always be a little of lavender & eucalyptus. If big man is around, I'll have the option of choosing Yankee candle's scent too. But I don't know how to use match stick or lighter so I can't lit the candles.

In my future home, I hope I'll have many aroma choices because olfactory enjoyment is a form of relaxation too.

#dayrehome #diffuser

Anyway, I think I mention that our Sales of Balance for May 2016 failed again with no number. We had a discussion & for November, we will try one last time. If it fails, we will be getting a resale flat near the station. So house hunting will begin in late Feb/March.

I think I have receive a lot of comments that I've slim down, both online and offline.

After I'm back from Korea, when my friends saw me, they went "You slim down le ah"!

To be honest, for the past 4 months, I've only lost 3kg πŸ˜“. I have to admit I'm not very consistent with my #mandyrunninglog. I'll run like 3-4 times then take a long break of 10-15 days due to many reasons. So my weight only drop by 3kg in 4 months.

I think 3kg is very obvious on me because I've downsized from M to S(depending on cutting or PTP)! I wanted to shed off 10kg because that's the total amount of weight gained during our 9 years of relationship. All thanks to Big Man's cooking and how he kept suppering with me. So I still have 7kg on me still πŸ˜….

I've friends who asked if I take any slimming pills/tea or went for any slimming session. To be honest, I feel very tempted to try slimming pills or even slimming tea or treatment.

But Big Man has warned me against taking or trying anything "funny". He's the gatekeeper so I won't take any of those slimming stuff.

Nope I didn't control my food intake too. I'll try to eat clean but usually it'll be like 4-5 fruits with a big cup of milk which is very filling. On days when I don't eat clean, I'll just eat whatever I want and I think I eat a lot still. So there's no food intake control too.

I guess I must have been very fat previously that's why when I lost 3kg, it's so obvious.

Anyway, I think running does tone up my body turning the fats into muscle so I look like as thou I've slim down a lot.

But no, it's just a 3kg, which is quite disappointing😒. After my knee has recover, I must be more persistent in my #mandyrunninglog to shed that 7kg off me. I think looking at my old photos really inspire me to run & gain back the super slim me.

Left photo: About 6 months ago

Right photo: A few days ago

I think it's quite obvious that my face is rounder 6 months ago. Big Man pointed that the photo I posted for the Space Invasion on my IG shows how fat my face used to be 7 months ago πŸ™„.

If 3kg is so obvious, imagine if I lost that 7kg more 😍. That's quite impossible because before I knew Big Man, I'm quite underweight and tend to faint quite easily.

I think I'm very HAPPIE that my running effort pays off and it pushes me to exercise more to maintain & gain a better figure.

Jiayou #Mandyrunninglog ✌🏻️πŸ’ͺ🏻

I hope to find back this super skinny me😁

Slept at 2am but woke up at 7.30am when I set my alarm at 10.30am.

Since I can't go exercise with my injured knees, I'm going to laze around with my Taiwan variety shows, coffee and breakkie.

Today will be another long day for me. I can't wait for Thursday & Friday to come because I'll be free the whole afternoon to slack and do some research for upcoming assignment. Even thou I'm not working, I don't have the time to slack and do nothing at home which is quite upsetting.

Wearing my #LoveBonito dress for lunch with ex-colleague and for an event tonight.

Finally found an occasion to wear this dress.

I pray hard that the hair and makeup stay!!

Clear only about 20-30 pieces of items for Space Invasion because I can't carry anything more than this on my own.

You'll spot an auntie(aka me) carrying this heading up to Orchard Gateway. Can't wait to drop this burden off for today.

Met my lovely ex-colleagues for lunch at 4 fingers and I opted for salad. Very yummie mushroom & tofu salad which I finished everything off.

I do miss the interactions with them and I miss working with them too. But I definitely don't miss the work and some πŸ™„πŸ™„ people who loves to throw their air around.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

LB just restocked today. Does this means that there won't be new launch today? I'm waiting for the playsuit, like no matter what I must get it.

I have 3 hours to spare before meeting my girlie so I went to the library to do some reading and to chillax my afternoon away.

Orchard library is having a small photography gallery where people uses photo to share on certain topics.

A few of them caught my eyes, especially this <Before We Grow Up>.

Don't we all wish that we can return to before we grow up, before we get busy with adulthood, before all the responsibilities fall onto us, before our world gets so complicated.

And this, <Of Bittersweets and Memory>. I love to bring Big Man to roam Tanjong Pagar because that's my childhood place. Perhaps we should go take photos of the place before it changed into something strange to me.

Anybody else loves to roam their childhood place apart from me?


It's something so close to my heart and I don't think I'll forget the heart wrenching experience from last week.

#LoveBonito warehouse sales is back, Yayness!

Looking for this in S, mustard. BNWT please.

Please don't scold me for having the bad habit of collecting same clothing in diff colors πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ.

We saw Standing Sushi Bar and yay, endless salmon for din din.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

The unique salmon skin with salmon avocado salad at the background.

No carbs today, Yayness.

Another gorgeous view from One Altitude. My ex ex office used to have this view too.

Beautiful night sky

Product of the night!

So HAPPIE to see @kaitinghearts at the event, it's always nice attending event with her.

With @aggylow & @kaitinghearts. I was telling @kaitinghearts that I look so fat here.,

Beautiful Fann gracing the event.

I took a selfie with her too thanks to the help of many people!! And I can't believe a few of us missed the official photo with her because we sneak off to see the night view.

Went to take some #OOTD before the event too but it was too rush and I looked too tire.

+1 said a joke and I laughed out loud.

Anyway I took some night photos of MBS. Singapore skyline looks so beautiful and I'm blessed to call this my home.

The #Shiseido set that we received. Fann Wong said that she loves them and can feel the effect of the products.

I shall try it and see if it works for me!


I think the wounds are recovering slowly. I hope it'll get well really really soon.

Can you spot me in this wefie that Fann Wong posted on her IG? I don't mean to hide behind her, there's no space for me to show my face so I sent my teeth instead.

I LOL-Ed at all these photos.

Big man doesn't sleep but he will ask endless questions about the movie. And no, I don't really watch those lovely dovey movies too but he will keep scaring me when we watch scary movies.

This tends to happen often. When Big Man talks and I lie in his arm, I tend to fall asleep within minutes. I always joke with him that his topic is too bored for me so I fell asleep immediately hahaha.

Any #dayrewives does this too?

This sounded so like meπŸ™ˆ.

But no, after 2 winter Europe trip, I'm still wearing my full leather calf boots from Timberland and my trustworthy down jacket and Marino wool inner wear. I feel so tempted to get new jacket for our upcoming trip but decided I shall not waste money.

This one, I love to steal Big Man's food.

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