I realized people have their own perception of things, even I have my own perception of things. When they have this perception, no matter how hard you tried to explain or feed them with facts, it’s hard to get in. I have to admit, I’m guilty of this too.
For example, why didn’t the HUB flew back when I went through a tough time coping with the lost of a dear family member for the first time? There must be a valid reason why he didn’t flew back last week & if you are closed to me and asked, you should have known by now. He loves his wife and as much as possible, he would definitely want to be back by my side. But if you are not close to me & I don’t see why I should be accountable to you when we don’t even have a relationship, I’ll just tell you that yes he’s not back yet because I feel this is very personal & to a great extent, I’m a very personal person that don’t like to share too much of my personal life. Apart from food, fashion, travel & events, I avoid sharing too much personal stuff on social media, even on my personal Facebook. I find it invading if I don’t know you well and you try to prompt into my personal life. Like I’ve met people whom I don’t have a relationship with but they felt that they have the rights and is in a position to know why I’m not working full time, why do I live as thou I’m very rich or why am I doing what I’m doing. Unless you are my spiritual leaders or close friends, if not, most of the time I won’t share much. 

And when I said relationship, it’s not those related by kinship because that’s just a biological relationship and in some cases, it’ll just remain as a biological relationship with no love, effort or whatsoever. Relationship takes time to build & it should be built on the basis of love, hope, effort, time & genuine concern for each other. I think I’m someone who’s willing to invest in one if I can clique with you & think you are nice. Different personality flow differently, I don’t expect or habour the thought that everybody has to like me or willing to take time to build relationship with me. Neither am I a difficult person who shuts people off because most of the time, I’m always “politically correct” when engaging people. I just dislike it when people tried to dictate me or try to act as thou they have authority over me when they are neither my spiritual leaders nor my close friends/friends. 

I may look young and in certain situations, I might keep quiet, but that doesn’t mean I’m naive or gullible. I just pick the option to keep quiet because I feel you are not worth my time, period. But if I knew I have a relationship with you, trust me when I say I’ll be there for you & fighting any battle with you. 

Why talk about relationship? I realized it can’t be force upon neither can it be fake upon. End of the day, you can’t lie to yourself about it. 

And having said so much, I’m thankful for all the relationship that I have. It has been a tough period but so many people came, so many people texted, so many people commented with care & concern. Especially my girlies, people whom I call my friends & my leaders. 

Psychology has proven a point, no point can be a Lone Ranger, not even super hero. Let’s get our perception of relationship right. Give love first, like the way Jesus did & you’ll reap the fruit of love too if that person is worth your love & time. 

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