Feels so sleep to sleep till almost noon!!

Anyway, due to #dayrebeauty community, I've been splurging a lot on make up & skin care recently. Spent about 500ish last week in a day to get some skincare & makeup.

I've stopped #SK2 Facial treatment essence for almost a year and tried to find alternative for it but up till now, I can't find anything to replace this. So ended up, I decided to get back to my SK2 regime.


I love the 330ml bottle where there is a pump head for us to pump out the essence. It's quite hard to find the 330ml because I think not a lot of places sell this size.

I know this facial mask has a mixed reviews but I love how it brighten up my face the next day. I'm using this for lazy days like yesterday. My skin is in quite a bad condition due to the past few days and lack of sleep. After putting this, my skin brightens up quite a lot this morning. I guess it's good for repair!!

Bought another of #Sothys milk cleanser after almost finishing my first bottle. It's like a no turning back once I started milk cleanser because my skin feels cleaner & less prone to break out or rashes. Highly recommend for those with sensitive skin!

I saw a few chat group talking about haze & the lazy-bum me just stepped out of my room. Got a shocked by how hazy the sky looks and how smelly the air is.

I need to hug my air purifier~~!!!!

Bought a NARs blusher too! And suddenly I remembered I need to drop by Sephora today too after collecting my mooncake from a PR firm.

I have 10% and will be helping a few girls get #skininc products. Been delaying that as well!!

Nars – Super Orgasm.

Will do a switch later when I tried it on.

#makeup #dayremakeup #dayreskincare

I've missed all of #LoveBonito launches too but the kind people at LB invited me for another session at their showroom next Monday, which I gladly accepted. So I'll be very HAPPIE to try out the clothing and purchase them on the spot.

I'm really very thankful for the marketing team from LB & many PR firms who have been so kind to me during this period. They made me believe that in the social media realm, there are many many kind and lovely people around who cares more about profit & datelines.

#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @poppynotes @charmchuang @pwure @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy

Pulled out a blue denim dress to wear for a full day of errands. So many things to do before popping by the cafe later.

#mdscollections #ootd

I wish I can bring my air purifier out with me. The walk from my house to the train station takes 5 minutes but that 5 minutes is sufficient to irritate my nose and respiratory system which has been very bad for the past few days due to all the burning.

I think popping my medicine doesn't seem to aid much now.

Anyway, I've became a GRAB convert since Friday because it's cheaper & better than cab. I don't feel any motion sickness or face any attitude problem or going big rounds from any of the driver.

And I went to check my account, I've grabbed 27 rides from Saturday till now 😅😅. If you have not use grab before, do give it a try, I used to be skeptical about them until I gave it a try.

Anyway, here is my link: https://invite.grab.co/amanda30635?a=VEFBV11BUFY=

You'll get SGD8.00 off if you register using that link and key in HELLOGRABSG. I'll get SGD8.00 credit too so it'll benefit both of us. Do give it a try!! I hope you'll become a GRAB-convert too

My favourite Burt Bee is retailing at SGD13 in Singapore. I managed to grab a few at SGD5ish in Olive & Young in Korea. They are really lip saver and if you have super dry lips that crack and bleed out of nowhere, this is a savior.

And what went into my shopping basket today, couldn't resist My Daily Dose customized serum so I grabbed a set according to what the SA recommended. Let's hope it'll be good. Will take more photos of what I get tonight and review the #SkinInc MDD after 1 week of use. So excited about it.

I'm excited that this brand is coming to SG. I remember purchasing quite a few items from this brand when I saw it in Rome during my honeymoon 4 years ago and I'm still wearing the tee shirts and shorts that I've gotten till now. But I guess prices will be very diff from Rome. Anything imported is expensive.

My first meal of the day, brunch.

Been rushing like mad to places, went to pick up the mooncake c/o a PR firm then rushed back to Yishun to put down all my stuff before rushing off to settle more stuff.

Thank God I managed to get the cake that I wanted for tmr morning even thou the choice is not a lot.

NARs-Super Orgasm on me. I just brush off a little to apply on my cheek but the pigmentation is good.

I've rushed around to a few places and the blush is still intact on my face without fading or dropping.

Like I said, #dayrebeauty community is a bad influence because I got #Kylie 🙈. Honestly, the postage is very expensive but I'm so tempted by the colors after seeing how @alynmagenta & @doooduuu & many girls look good in them.

Peony Jade's mooncake c/o 37comms. Thanks for sending your love over, really appreciate how accommodating you guys have been.

Beauty loot for today!!

Finally in my arms, #SkinInc My Daily Dose Customized Serum.

I blended in 4 serums instead of 3, very kiasu I know.

The following:
• Ceramide Serum (Reinforce)
– Solves sensitive, rough & sensitized skin or dryness
• Vitamin C Serum (Rebalance)
– Solves Open pores & oily skin
• Licorice Serum (Relieve)
– Combines hydrating licorice & green tea extracts to protect skin against the abuse of elements and repair dry skin.
• Collagen Serum (Reborn)
– Firming and pumping up skin.

Went around to search for Jie's 40th birthday cake and ordered this for her.

Let's hope the surprise party tmr will be a success. Can't believe Kor & jie is that old le.

I love this dress, it's like love at first sight.

This is very my style too!

This top looks good too.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to drop by #TheClosetLover to try out these items.

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