I saw a beautiful sky greeting us while on the way to Palour.

Cremation symbolized the end of grief and according to Chinese tradition, you have to change out of the white clothing into red top.

The past 6 days of grieving had been heart breaking like what he always tell us, life is short, be contented & ignored what others will say.

As this chapter closes, I feel very blessed and thankful for the love ones that showered their endless love and support.

My in-laws came 3 times and even this morning just to ensure we are coping well & doing alright. And as usual, my very loving papa-in-law bought ginseng tea & bird nest over for me & momma.

My girlies are the best too, one of my bestie popped on 23rd and I've not visited her yet and she's so understanding to send me her love & concerned while coping with a new born.

Clear blue sky instead of the groomy one that I've seen for the past few days.

It feels good to be on my bed resting after a hot shower. And I'm skipping school again today because physically I'm too tire le. I think I need 12-18 hours of sleep😴😴

It feels good to sleep & rest for 6 hours before I wakie to food again.

Spent some time to unbox some items too. For the past few nights, when we reached our door step, there will be either 1 or 2 parcel being hidden at the gap between the mental gate and wooden door. 1/2 of what I shopped online during last week reached me and I'm still waiting for the other half. Shall update tmr instead.

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