They said that Life is the greatest teacher of all and I have to agree with it. It has been a heart wrenching week where I've seen how death came so near and eventually passed by like a breeze, taking the life of my love one in just a few seconds.

It hurts to see him in pain & the amount of tears shed in the 2 days for him in the hospital is nothing compared to his pain.

Thank you for always having a soft spot for me, allowing me to pray & acknowledging that Christ is your savior.

That's the greatest and most comforting moment throughout the past 4 months ever since you had been diagnosed with the illnesses. I know that one day, when my time is up, I'll get to see you in heaven to continue and allow you to tease me like how you always do.

Life will be so different from now on & every CNY, I'll miss having someone disturbing & asking from me for a big angbao and returning me a even bigger one. I have nobody to sajiao and I can't tease you anymore too.

But like you always taught me, we should always learn to be thankful & HAPPIE with what we have, ignore whatever people have to say because it's their own business not ours. As long as our conscious are clear, that's all that matter.

I promised you I'll continue to live a HAPPIE life, be the best person I can be & stay strong like you. My only regret is that you don't get to see my children, I know you'll love them as much as you love me.

Goodbye my dearest da jiu, we shall meet again.

To all my friends, I didn't post anything on fb/IG and even on DAYRE but you girls checked on me. When you girls learn that he has passed on during the weekend, you started chat groups and helped to inform the close ones. So many of you took the trouble to cancel appointments and came all the way down on Monday just to be with me and ensuring that I'm alright.

Thanks for the friendship, all your presences brought great comfort.

I think it'll be a difficult morning at the cremation tomorrow morning but thanks for giving the most beautiful smile on my wedding, marrying me off like your own & giving me your blessings like any father will.

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