I wanted to sleep till noon but I need to finish my 2nd assignment by 3pm because I have an event to attend this evening.

Dragged myself out of bed feeling all tire~~!!!!

I'm done with assignment and submitted it. I got a shock because the similarity rate is 31%, which means I'm on borderline for plagiarism. This is the first time such a thing happen to me and I guess the cause of it could be due to me using the research that I've submitted for a year one paper.

Rephrased the words and submitted them again but TurnItIn requires 24 hours onward for second submission. I dropped my prof a text just in case anything happens.

I spotted Timberland sales at the atrium whereby tall boots are all priced at SGD140, which is very worth because my genuine leather tall boots which is the same height as this pair cost me SGD400 when I bought it 3 years ago.

I love this dark brown and feel so tempted to try it on but I guess I won't be bringing 2 pairs of boots over for winter trip. I mean we have luggage space constraint and I still love my black boots a lot.

There's the bodyshop atrium sales which has nothing interesting too. I want to buy things but there's nothing for me to buy.

#LoveBonito delivery came when I am done with my assignment! So timely~~

LB Padita Layered Playsuit in Olive.

I took size M because of the measurement at the PTP & it fits just nice for the PTP. The material is quite thick and good, definitely worth the price. I agree with some of the girls who tried this at the showroom that it gives out a formal vibe but I like it this way.

I prefer to wear it with a belt, I feel that it's too plain to wear it out without a belt.

And the best thing, POCKETs. I'm pocket-obsessed hahaha.

Definitely keeping this because I don't have any Olive in my wardrobe yet. It seems like I'm adding more colors into my wardrobe recently and Momma notice it too.

Next up is LB Lanneke Layered Shorts. I've seen many people pairing it with Amaya Camisole so I tried it out too.

This pair of shorts came with a size zip instead of a front or the common back zip. I took size M because I'm worried S will be too small for me but it turns out M is actually quite loose.

But if I were to wear it with my top tuck in, it won't look that loose anymore!!

How it looks from the front.

Overall I think I can accept the looseness on me, I mean it's better to be loose than can't fit right? I'm keeping this too because the rust looks good and it's a new color that I don't have in my wardrobe.

And once again, I tell myself that I have nothing to wear for the event tonight Hahahaha~~!!!!

I can imagine Big Man & my friends rolling their eyes🙄🙄.

Pulled out this long-forgotten midi shirt dress out and paired it with my white shoe from Pazzion.

And off I go for some shopping and late brunch+dinner before attending the event.

I'm so tempted to go for the Sakae Teppanyaki but I'll surely stink like mad after the meal.

#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @poppynotes @charmchuang @pwure @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy

Carted this casual dress!

And this bell sleeve top in blue.

I went to check out #MDSCollections too since they are having 50% off second piece. Unfortunately only this maxi caught my eye but I don't think it's worth to just get a piece. So off it went back to the rack.

Anyway Lunch + Dinner was curry chicken with bread from Toast Box. I don't know what I should eat but the moment I smell the curry when I was walking beside Toast Box, I got the urge for curry!!

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Next up was to #ninthcollective.

Tried on the top but I prefer the blush color which is oos for S size. M is too loose for me.

And I thought this random skirt that I tried on as cute but it's too short for me.

Tried this ombré dress too but I don't like the chiffon material.

From the way you see how I go shopping, I think it's not hard to guess that I'm very stress now.

My eldest uncle condition is not stable in the sense Doctor is giving him 3 months but you know anything can happen. And we don't know what might happen or how long it'll dragged. Of course I want him to live as long as he can.

I have an upcoming Bangkok trip in October which I'm fine to forsake but for our year end till Jan 2017 winter trip, I stopped at booking of air ticket + London accom.

If anything happen, he's considered a distant relative so no insurance claim is applicable. And this means we have to forsake all our accommodation and tickets. I shared with Big Man my fear & worries and as usual, he will assured me that family come first and at most we will fly back and forfeit the money. I'll feel very heart pain but like he said, I don't want to regret anything.

So far, we have only spent 3.8k on round trip air ticket and London accommodation.

If you are me, will you continue to book the rest of the accommodation & domestic flight?

Or what would you do??

I gave in and went to Sakae teppanyaki alone!! Needed some comfort food after locking myself up at home for 3 days for assignment. I think I have a serious issue, there's no way I can sleep well when my assignment is due.

Beef, Foie Gras and mushroom, all my favourite comfy food!

Currently at Dutch Colony coffee for Latte downpour 2016. The baristas have amazing skills.

I'm not sure if regular running makes me hungry but ya, I feel hungry every 2-3 hours 😅😅. Now I know why I do so much running and I don't seem to lose weight at all.

Eat too much Le~~!!!!!

Anyway, since I've helped out in the cafe, I think cafe is hardwork. I mean I know it cost a lot to open a cafe, in terms of effort, time & 💰💰. But seeing the effort needed and all, it's another level of actualization.

Like what should you set on the grinder to get the fineness of coffee that you want? What is the weight of coffee are you using for the brew? And there's many many things to do as well.

It's not easy and I learn to appreciate coffee and cafe even more now!

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