Woke up at 10am wanting to go run but the floor is very wet from the morning rain, which I didn't even realized it was raining πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰.

Anyway, shall do up my assignment and head out for an evening run instead.

Taking a break from my assignment to check out #LoveBonito weekly staple. It seems that I want everything from this week launch!! But I'll be going down to #LBshowRoom on Saturday, not sure if I want to wait till Saturday to try them on or the kancheong spider in me will cart the items out because I can't wait and for the fear of them being OOS.

Great for casual, suitable for lazy days! Just throw on some accessories and you are ready to go~~!!!!

I saw a lot of girls trying this at the show room and fell in love with it. Who can say no to this color??

Bell sleeve😍, even thou I've shifted my love from bell sleeve to babydoll, i still can't resist my old love for them.

This one, I consider it as smart casual. If I need to represent the cafe for anything with the theme smart casual, I'll definitely pull this out. Suede makes it more unique!

Basic top😍✌🏻️.

Decided to abort my running plan today even thou I'm done & submitted my assignment. Having this head spin feeling, kept feeling giddy, don't know why.

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of research on law, crime & deviance.

It sets me thinking, is law really just?

Does law sides the rich & powerful?

Is the definition of crime discriminating against the lower class?

In Greece, under the law Provision 39A, law enforcer has the authority to detain, force test & jail HIV-positive people. They are allowed to release their personal data & photos in public. Landlords are urged to evict them because they are seen as public health threat.

There is a violation of human rights when we forced mandatory test on any individual. Let alone saying we are publicly shaming them.

And yes, it's a crime to have HIV in Greece where you will be charge and keep in jail.

In Philippines, police can kill anybody who is suspected of carrying drugs if they resist arrest. Kill first, talk later. Even if they do not carry drugs, it's too bad.

And if you look at the law, many of these laws are made based on suspect which in a way leads to stereotype.

What is the image of HIV positive person?

What is the image of drug user?

What is the image of drug carrier?

Many people said that law is to protect people but think again, there is no definite definition of crime and deviance. Law is made by political institutions based on what is favorable to them like the case of Greece. Can we still say that law is to protect people?

What if you have to fight either for law or human rights? Which should be more important?

Even in the case of marital rape, isn't that violence against women? But because of religious & racial harmony in Singapore, our government did not make any policies against that. Isn't rape within a marriage a violation of human rights as well? You mean rape in public sphere is defined as rape but not in personal sphere because of the rights that man has over woman?

As a #dayrewives, I object to that idea.

End of the day, it's still the same question.

Is there justice in law?

Are the laws made just?

Human rights V.S Law?

Too much thinking causes my head to spin even more. I need to de stress a little over my drama and rest my overworked brain.

I'm supposed to bath & be on bed resting after some torturous days spent on assignment but my God-son's parents called to ask for dinner near my house and they are coming to fetch me. I can't say NO to that.

Grab my favourite top for the moment, this #TheClosetLover top is my lazy top. It goes with anything and everything.

And yes, that's the naked face with an untidy hair.

We had Pao Fan at East Bistro for dinner! I love how tasty it taste and how the garlic went "shahhhhh"!

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

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