I'm feeling so tire, physically tire.

I guess one very bad thing about not working is that I tend to sleep at 2-3am with the mentality that I can sleep in till noon. But every morning, I'll wake up at 9ish-10 for morning runs or start my day with a very pack schedule.

I was drained yesterday after spending the whole afternoon at East Coast park that I went to bed at 11. Momma was telling me just now that it was pouring last night & I was like, really??!

After church, I'll have to collect my race pack from town before rushing home to do my assignments.

1 is due on Monday 2359, the other on Wednesday 2359. I think I'm not in the assignment momentum yet because all I did was a 100 words for the first assignment.

From this afternoon all the way till Wednesday, apart from school, I'll have to hibernate at home & vomit out 2500 relevant words for the assignments.



I love Naked3 and regretted spending
money on Kate's eyeshadow, should have gotten it earlier!

And yes, I added some lippie color because many people have been asking me why I look so tired & pale.

After rushing my assignments this week, I want to replenish my beauty sleep for the next 2 weeks.

The feeling I get when mini Twinnie calls me Auntie Amanda in the sweetest voice ever without me asking for it.

Awwww baby!!!

No matter I'm working or not, it's a chore to do assignment. It's like, can I just go class & study & don't do any assignment??!

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