Woke up to watch the semi finals on Joseph Schooling.

He finished 6th & 8th position, didn't make it to the finals for free style.


Feels good to begin my day with running.

I'm supposed to be doing assignment but I'm not in the study mood yet. So I decided to tidy the wardrobe a little.

Half of the big wardrobe in momma's room belongs to me. I've cleared all the clothing to Refash but didn't have time to shift some clothing over. After my morning run, I took out all my formal pants, skirts & tops to shift it over. Poor Big Man occupies like 10 pieces of hanging clothing?

I'm too lazy to tidy up the other side of the wardrobe. But I'm loving the extra space created. It's now 2 tops/skirts/culottes to a hanger to save space & for me to squeeze more clothing in.

#LoveBonito Amaya Camisole has reached me!

The straps on the shoulder can be adjusted so you can determine how "high" or "low" you want the camisole to be.

The back which you tie the straps. I quite like the back details.

Worn my #TaoBao dress & taking my TaoBao bag out for a dinner with a friend.

And yes, I wasted a whole afternoon at home doing nothing when I'm supposed to be researching for my assignment!

I'm having a good skin & hair day today.

I think that if my day always begin at 5pm, I'll have good skin & hair day every single day.

Can I begin my day at 5pm from today onwards till the rest of my life? Okie I better don't say this too early in case I get bored of staying at home then I'll complain & eat back my own words.

Finally went to try #UbinSeafood after seeing so much raves about it.

The beef😍.

Now I understand why people are raving so much about it because it tasted really really good. Please give the beef a try, worth our money!

800g US Angus beef at $78?

Took this from my IG story because I forgot to take photo of the crab. We ordered the Garlic pepper crab which tasted quite good too. I think the baked garlic crab that the table next to us is having looks better than this.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

We spent a total of SGD145 for the 2 dishes & 2 cups of drinks. I feel it's worth it especially the beef, the portion is so generous.

I will definitely be bringing Big Man here for food again!

We had desserts nearby but I didn't finish my creme brûlée. I think my morning run is gone with today's dinner & desserts!!

I've been thinking about his for very long! Should I?

So far, I'm using the Naked, Smoky palette that I've gotten from a sponsorship and I love it a lot.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

I have 2 hours free tmr between my driving lesson & school, feel tempted to head down to town to take a lot.

Okie I think I'm heading to Orchard tmr because I want to get the PURE DEEPSEA HYDRATING MASK from #SkinInc.

I know there's mixed review on this Custom-blended serum. I guess it works differently for different people & skin type. I still decided to get this to give it a try, hopefully it'll work Miracle on my skin given the price for a small 30ml bottle.,

I know many recommended this Revival peel, which is a gentle exfoliator but I'm loving the exfoliator from AUOLIVE. Shall go down and give it a to see how it is before deciding if I want to spend the money on this.

The one from AUOLIVE is a sponsorship but I'm loving their items a lot. Currently using their exfoliator & day glow(day time moisturizer & sun block).

Here's the AUOLIVE products that I've wrote on before. They give out generous sample in neck bottle before you decide if you want to purchase them.

Do request for samples for their Day Glow & exfoliator. The Day Glow is a time saver because it's a moisturizer together with sun block so I just apply it and skip the sun block step.

I don't do facial at all but I'm thinking about trying out Skin Inc's treatment because I've read somewhere that the result is quite instant too.

Anybody tried before??

I was telling my friend about eye shadow & she recommended me #BobbyBrown.

The only make up I'm crazy about is eye shadow and since now I'm free, I love to play around with them more. I've very limited colors, mostly neutral or earth tones. So I'm thinking about expanding my color choices.

Honestly I'm not very adventurous but no harm getting more to see the effect right?

The purple shade on this palette caught my attention & after hearing how good BB is, I'm so tempted now.

I've been wanting to try #Sulwhasoo for a while & my dear wifey gave me the sample kit that she has gotten when she made her purchase. Can't wait to try them out to test out how they are.

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