Am I the only one who is uninterested in the #PokemonGo that's appearing on all my social media platform?

Wearing #LoveBonito bell sleeve romper today. I'm still loving bell sleeve a lot despite having a new love for babydoll.

Feels good to be back in my spiritual home! After being away from church for 3 weeks.

I can't decide between S & M for this #Fashmob! Thinking of just carting both.

Anyway, after seeing so many girls looking good in FashMob, I'm getting my first from them. Crossing my finger that it'll be good!!

And yes, my third babydoll purchase in 1 weekπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ.


Gone Liao~~~

So the newbie didn't get the dress after all.

So so so upset.

I'm feeling quite disappointed in this top. Was expecting the off shoulder part to be elastic but nope, it's not.

You have to tie it tight enough for it not to drop with the string that's hanging at the chest area. I don't know if I tie it too tightly or what but the off shoulder part seems to be cutting into my arms. Felt very restricted by it too.

Took S for this because of the measurement.

Close up of the off shoulder part.

I'm going to return this. I still prefer off shoulders to be elastic.


#mandyrunninglog after 3 weeks of break. Thank God I managed to finish 5km without much difficulties. I didn't dare to go too fast or any longer because I still remember how I injured my left ankle and the healing process was so long & painful.

Can I add how the park/running track has 10 times the usual crowd because of Pokemon?

I wanted to slack & chillax but we are almost 1/3 into August.

I have to book the remaining of our winter Europe trip before the price continue to increase.

It'll be Christmas & count down, follow by holiday. Which means things will be expensive.

Anyway, my PRIME membership is expiring soon so I'll be diligently shopping on #TaoBao to fully utilize the $2.99!

I like this chiffon bell sleeve top & the color looks good too. Pair it with a shorts & off I go.

Tribal feel kind of top. SGD5.38 only!!

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