I feel so tempted to write 133/133 because it means Big Man is back.

Anyway, 3rd August marks my 6th month on DAYRE. I guess it's addictive to "talk" to myself on this platform that I actually stayed for 6 months! There's so many reviews to lookout for, new beauty or makeup products & even places to eat.

Talking about reviews, my taobao prime membership is expiring soon. Shall go cart those items that I've been aiming, taobao shopping soon!

Just woke up to a good weather. Wanted to start my run regime but it seems the weather doesn't allow me to do so. It's still drizzling now as I enjoy my cup of coffee & looking out of the window. #meh~~

Anyway I'm glad Taiwan & Korea mess up my body clock & I no longer jump out of bed at 7am thinking its work time. If there's anything good that holiday does, it has to be this.

I'm so glad to be back to my #eeyore kingdom too. Bed is the most comfortable place on earth~

I think I can be the queen of procrastination now. In the past when there's work, I can leave home within 20 minutes.


I took 45 minutes to get out of the house🙈.

Since I have the luxury of time, I decided to explore more with my makeup & take my own sweet time.

Instead of the usual dark/neutral color, I tried pink eye shadow today! I've always been wanting to explore different colors but I'm always rushing for time. What if the color looks weird & I have to redo my eye shadow again?

I'm using this pink shade from Jill Stuart palette no 2. Honestly their eyeshadow is not very pigmented so it'll be a good try for me because I don't want something too strong too.

I think it's not very obvious in photo because the pink shade isn't that pigmented. You can see that hint of pink in real life & I think I found another color for eye shadow that I like. Time to hunt around for a pink palette, I've too many dark/neutral color ones.

Please pardon the eyeliner on the right side😅

Bought this Guerlain Météorites Illuminating Powder compact when I was doing my shopping in DFS while waiting for my flight back from Taiwan.

I used this as the last step of my makeup & I love how it makes my skin glows a little. The only makeup I put on my face is Jill Stuart loose powder & now, I'm adding this to my makeup routine!

I've read reviews that it blurs out spots but I guess I didn't put enough to see that effect.

The beautiful brush that came as a set when I bought it. Big man can't stand how my brushes are lying around & he's like nagging at me to get a "home" for all my brushes.

Maybe I'll need to taobao for Brush holder tonight!

#dayremakeup #dayremakeup

My favourite blusher of all! I love the nature look of it & how it's not overly pink on me. You can tell it's my favourite looking at how pathetic the pearls are looking after 2 years of usage. Should grab a new one when I'm traveling to BKK in October from DFS!

Okie now you know why I took 45 minutes to get ready right hahaha!

Today is a messy hair day & I'm too lazy to do anything to it so I plaited it up again.

Worn my $6 Snoopy top from Taobao & denim skirt from #NinthCollective. I love this denim skirt a lot, it's hard to find a denim skirt that's long enough for me.

梦为努力浇了水 爱在背后往前推
当我抬起头才发觉 我是不是忘了谁
累到整夜不能睡 夜色哪里都是美
一定有个人 他 躲过 避过 闪过 瞒过
他是谁 他是谁


This song, on repeat mode~~

I'm late for first day of "work" at Kor's cafe but he can't say much since I'm FREE labour!

Paid SGD3.00 for this amount of roasted duck meat rice. I think I'm too used to pay for Orchard price so I'm delighted to pay such amount for lunch.

#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @poppynotes @charmchuang @pwure @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy

3 of this in SG, 1 of them is inside our cafe! I think I need to go increase my knowledge on coffee 😁

Went to #Osmose to try out clothing since Kor drops me off at Tampines.

Tried this toga top. Took size S & it fits nicely. I think this is considered babydoll cutting with the loose bottom?

Close up details of it.

I tried on this off shoulder dress too and I love it a lot! There's only size XS & M left, the SA asked me to take XS I'm like: Are you sure??!

Ended up, XS fits nicely & I love this dress a lot!

Close up of the details! This dress is so prettie & I have to say it's very my style too. You can match it with heels or sneakers for diff feel!

And this😍😍!! I love this a lot too. I think everything matches my Adidas Superstar hahaha!

I'm a good girl, came out empty handed even thou I'm very very tempted!

**Giving myself a pat on the shoulder.

Anyway my YuKee duck noodle advert is up. I don't take food advert but I grew up eating them. I'm still loving their duck porridge & noodles. So I agreed to doing this advert with them because the caption for this advert speaks my heart.

Sometimes I think that I'm too picky with advert because I don't do food/facial/fake lashes/mani/massage & too lifestyle kind of advert too. I know why I stop receiving invites from certain PR firm too & I'm actually fine because I'll do the same too.

Anyway, saw this new converse shoe & I think green always remind me of big man😅

Saw many people posted about the new feature on IG so I went to update my app but no changes at all? I read that they are rolling out slowly so I have yet to get it?

From what I read, it's like Snapchat function on IG. There are reasons why I don't start snapchat but now snapchat comes to me in the form of IG??!

Shall try out the function once it's updated on my app. But still, I don't think I fancy video that much🙈

Thank God there wasn't any death or injury.

After experiencing major delay in Jeju airport, it's actually quite scary to be stuck somewhere not knowing if you are able to fly. The crowd is very overwhelming too. I still can recall how the whole Jeju airport was filled with people and many people are sitting on the floor because the cafe & all were packed with people.

Addicted to a drama but I'm so busy & there's no chance for me to just lie on my bed to watch drama. Boo boo.

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