Bidding goodbye to our hotel in Jeju! If anybody is keen, it's hotel Sumorum. The view is fantastic but the hotel is slightly old but I feel it's still acceptable.

Wearing my 5000won top which I love a lot.

And I woke up feeling very very home sick & missing my BIB a lot. Finally get to find time to video call him & felt HAPPIE seeing his face again.

I guess, I still don't like Korea & that's one of the reason for my homesickness?

5 more days before its home.

Doraemon secret gadget expo in Jeju!

#mandytravellog #dayretravellog #korea #jeju

Hello my childhood favourite!


How they changed his expression!

The many many drawings of Doraemon.

Went to meet my childhood favourite

In the dreamland of Doraemon where there's hundred of Doraemon & his secret weapon!

Bought a Doraemon drink.

And a Doraemon fan. I can't resist heeheehee

At the entrance of a cave cafe

Beautiful scenery along the way.

How the cave cafe looks like!

One more photo from the #Doraemon exhibition!!


Cafe hopping in Jeju before our evening flight to #Busan!

I love the setting of this cafe a lot!

That's our private driver, Mr Ko, helping us to order Pat Bingsu!

View from the window.

Our delish Pat Bingsu!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

😱😱! Decided to do a check on why all the planes at Jeju airport was delayed & found this.

So our plane is not going to fly at 6pm & they have not decided what time to fly our flight at.

Basically Jeju airport is full of ppl due to the accident & many many planes were delayed.

When all u see is delayed & crowd at the airport.

And gates are not opening at their new timing.

I don't intend to use this sticker at all but the flight delay……

That's my expression~~

8.20pm Korea time & we are stuck in a jam on the way to hotel. Our plan to visit a seafood market for dinner has been cancelled since we reached at 8pm instead of the pre-plan timing of 6ish.

Din din at 9pm after a long long day!

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