On the airport bus to Gimpo airport to catch our domestic flight to Jeju! The bus was 10 minutes late & we panic a little thinking that it has came earlier on & we missed it!!

Small & Cosy living room.

Well equipped kitchen.

Small corner at the back of the living room & the stairs to the loft.

How the loft looks like.

I've always been wanting to try duplex but I guess once is enough. This super low ceiling duplex with 2 queen size bed is nice to look at but climbing up & down for me & wifey, we faced some difficulties. I'm standing at 165cm & wifey is slightly taller. So imagine we have to bend & all.

I'm not sure if all duplex are like this but if the air con is not at full blast, the loft area can be quite stuffy.

From the top view!!

#dayretravel #mandytravellog #korea #seoul #weseoul16

This is the name for the B&B if anybody is keen. We paid a total of SGD526 for a total of 4 nights.

The house is not new & the toilet has obvious sign that it's quite an old house. What I love about it is that it's very cosy & despite the signs of it being old, everything is still in good condition.

The owner even provide wifi egg, portable charger & stuff to aid his guest to travel around.

The location of this place is 2 minutes from exit 12 of Gangnam station. The airport bus stop is just directly in front of the apartment. There is bus 6020 to Incheon or 6000 to Gimpo airport. You can choose to take the airport bus over & drop at Gangnam station. There is a huge Innisfree shop at the main floor so you won't be able to miss it.

At the back alley, there is tons of local food available. Beside the apartment, there is 7/11. Location wise, πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»/πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»!

Breakkie with a view while waiting for my domestic flight.

Why does it feel more tire on a holiday than back in SG? I'm going to sleep ONE MONTH when I'm back in SG to pay back my sleep debt.

Okie I kid! But it's so tire to be dashing around, waking early to catch flight & all.

Airport #OOTD in my 5000won(SGD6) grey knitted top & my 10,000won(SGD12) green jumper that I bought from Ewah's women university shopping street.

Waiting to board the plane to Jeju!!

#Jeju from above! Such a beautiful place, I got a feeling I'll love Jeju more than Seoul.

Finally a meal where there's a lot of sides!!

Sea urchin soup with a generous portion of sea urchin!!

At the beautiful Seongshan Ilchulbong Peak.

Beautiful sea that amused us.

Such a prettie place but the weather is too hot to be bearable so we left after 10 minutes.

You can actually hike to the top, which will take about 50minutes on average.

The face you give when the wind & sun is both toooo strong!

Next off to Seopjikoji for the beautiful beach where apparently a few k-drama was filmed here.

We are not adventurous enough to climb all the way in. Partly due to the wrong choice of footwear too. Didn't expect to start the day straight away so cliff & beach.

The wind is very very strong & it felt so much cooler than the cliff.

She asked me to look at Sky!!

I think I can sit here whole day if not for the hot sun.

Our hotel is worth every cent we spent when we open the door and greeted with the sea view.

Comfy bed

Pantry area where there's free capsule coffee & drinks.

Bath tub!!

The amazing view!!

😍😍😍😍😍!! This is so so so gorgeous in real life.

Everytime when I visit a nice place, if BIB is not by my side, I'll always miss him a lot.

I just want to share the beauty of Jeju with him & wished that he's by my side. I think he'll love the places we visit, make some lame jokes out of the places & take many many many photos of the places & me.

Can't wait for him to be back & we can travel together again.

Next was to visit Jeju Folk Village which is an eye opener. We got to visit a house which is about 200 years old. This used to be the head village leader house that is why it's so big.

This is the modernized version of the house nowadays. In order to keep the Jeju Folk village to be what it is, owners are not allowed to buy/sell or repair the houses on their own. This is a government conserved place so they need to seek the help of government every time when they need to repair the house.

In order to keep villagers in staying, the kids get to study from primary all the way to JC for free.

This is the official ancestor cum emperor's place whereby they pay respect to the emperor & their ancestor on every 15th & 30th of the house.

This is a little place where they breed black pig & then kill it for food or sell to the market for money.

This is the place where ε€§ι•Ώδ»Š was filmed many many years ago & they still preserved the place till now.

This is how the living room looks like.

Apparently only the man & male offspring can enter the door to the living room & stay there to do whatever activities they want.

There is a strong discrimination towards female. They have a lower social status than male. Before 1975, a man can marry many women & these poor women had to head out to be female diver to pick abalone & all to sell and bring money home.

Interestingly, 3 stones made up a stove in the past and if you want to know how many wives a man has, just look at the number of stove that he has in his kitchen.

The basket at the back is for babies. In the past, women had to head back to the sea & pick seafood after giving birth for 5-7 days. The newborn will be too young to stay home therefore they will stay in that basket at the sea.

The basket with a flask at the front is for women to carry water back all the way to the house. In 1984, water pipes were built & this method of bringing water back has stopped.

This is the Lucky Charm of Jeju island.

Touch the Nose to ask for baby Boy.
Touch the Ear to ask for baby Girl.
Touch the Shoulder to ask for Good Health.
Touch the Bellt to ask for Great wealth.

For the fun of it, I touched a part of the lucky charm.

Last place was the maze land in Jeju!

The olden days puzzle that the Korean that plays with.

More puzzle



How the big big big maze looks like from the top!

The simple maze which we tried.

Lost in the maze after making many many many turns!!

Going to rest early because we had a long long long day.

Finally at a hotel where we can have total darkness to sleep in with a comfy level, no need to bend my back anymore!!

But tmr's going to be another busy day starting at 9am again😱. Felt more tire than work.

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