Our day was supposed to start at 9am but apparently the 2 lazy bum slept till 11.30am!!

Yesterday was simply a long long day so it gives us legitimate reason to sleep in today!!

#dayretravel #mandytravellog #korea #seoul

Please don't judge them for looking old, they have been around for almost 8 years. The washing & drying has made them look so old.

All ready to start the day!

I don't fancy flower but this floral shop captures our attention.

Reminds me of Europe where they sell flowers everywhere!

In the queue for the 100 years old ginseng chicken soup!

Today's #OOTD in #LoveBonito romper!

The interior of the 100 years old Tosakchan Samgyetang.

Kim chi that tasted so so so good!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Eating it the Korean style, in the old house structure, sitting on the floor.

Seafood & green onion pancake with the Ginseng chicken soup.

We ordered the ginseng chicken with ginseng root!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Being a #Hanbok girl for a day in Palace!


#WESeoul16 with wifey!

Hanbok girl went crazy.


I really love this pink Hanbok!

Came out of Adidas happily with my new shoe. Finally found what I wanted after many failures of hunting it down in SG & Taiwan.

Found some food stalls at HongDae!

HongDae is a place where it's filled with basking & performance over the weekend. Some performances attracted a huge crowd but it's a pity that we don't seem to understand what they are talking about.

People gathering to watch the performance.

A group of singers with no crowd.

Dinner was cold noodle at this traditional restaurant. I had the buckwheat noodle in spicy broth & it was so nice. You have to cut the noodles with the scissors provided.

Wifey's crab with rice!

We went to one of their beauty shop by the name Olive & Young. Found many interesting items inside too.

Like so many flavours of Burt's Bee lip care at 4,900won(SGD5.80). If I remember correctly, Sephora sells them at SGD10.90 or more. Shall go back again to buy more tmr & keep. I love Burt's Bee lip care a lot!!

#dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

I didn't know Koreans are so crazy about Moomin. I've seen Moomin on a few brands!

They have Shrek & Kungfu panda mask too. I don't dare to buy because I'm not sure what brand it is.

Whole counter of MooMin!

More Moomin stuff!

Their car freshener which is in the series or Kakao. There is a Kakao shop but the queue is horrible, like 30-50 pax in the queue?

Then we went to Daiso!! Their Daiso is not fixed price like those in SG. Product prices ranged from 1,000won to 5,000won.

Very amazed by their mask range available here.

They even have Organisers.

They are selling Nivea products at a cheaper price as compared to drug stall.

Many pretty mirrors going at 2,000 won!!

I had a good laugh that they sell toilet seat cover too. Wifey is amazed by my amusement.

The huge snacks & sweets selection.

I feel like buying everything home!!

There's even ice cream!!

We went shopping at Gangnam underground & bought quite a few clothing. Some shops are selling tops at 5,000-15,000 won while dressed are going at 10,000 – 20,000 won. Of course, some shops marked their price till 1 dress can cost 120,000 won.

Quite HAPPIE that I have luggage space to place my new clothing!!

My #Adidas Superstar shoe. Initially I wanted the army green pair but it was totally oos. I can't even find the black/white one in SG or Taiwan at all.

So I just buy the black color version instead.

Saw the limited edition Stan Smith in pink here, there's another black & gold one too. If I still have luggage space, I might want to get a pair.

I'm doing this again at 11pm Korea time while wifey head to bed. I think being overseas also mean that I need my me-time too!

I'm quite excited about tmr because we are going cafe hopping & more shopping!!

This color caught my attention today. I don't remember seeing this color in SG? Maybe I should just buy & throw the boxes away, find ways to squeeze them into my luggage.

Bought coffee from Mirabeau while queueing for the ginseng chicken! Their coffee tasted really good!!

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