Up at an unearthly hour to prepare & catch my morning flight again. I went to check my BKK flight, thank God, I didn't book unearthly hour.

My airport #OOTD in #MDSCollections top & GU culottes. This culottes have became my favourite pair of pants.

Utterly disappointed with Changi Recommends Wifi. Don't wish to repeat my story but it's just so disappointing 😭

There's a Zara at T3 & you know what? They are having a mega sales & some of the deals are quite good. Tee shirt, sweater tee shirt & basics are going at SGD11.90, dresses going at SGD29.90-39.90.

This Minnie Mouse pillow looks so adorable. Now I'm regretting that I didn't bring my travel pillow with me just because I want to save luggage & hand carry space.

Hello plane!! Thanks for taking me to Seoul & back!!

#WESEOUL16 officially begins!

Finally landed in Korea after a 6 hours 50 minutes flight.

#mandytravellog #dayretravel #korea #seoul

Picked up the wifi egg from Incheon airport instead. Managed to book one just before we fly & now we are well connected.

On the airport bus to our B&B now!!

It's an unearthly flight & long journey here. You can tell from my eye bag. Can't wait to drop our luggage & head for din din!

It's 5.30pm Korea time & we are caught in a jam on the airport bus. We are feeling quite hungry now & contemplating if we should conquer Dongdaemun night market tonight.

Thanks to my very nice ex-colleague, I went to check out & confirm that SHAKE SHACK burger has open its first outlet in Asia, Korea! I'm bringing the wifey there to try their burgers. After having it once in Dubai airport & covent garden in London, it remains my number one favourite burger!!

Our very neat & nice air B&B!

The little kitchen! The host is really nice to provide us with Free coffee.

Stairway to second floor.

Love this place so much!

Attempted to queue for Shake Shack but the queue is too long. We shall try again tmr or on Monday.

Shopping at their local brand: SPAO.

This is the denim section.

Many casuals outfit going at 19,000won to 39,000won which is very worth because of the good quality.

This rack totally spells my name on it but I resisted because I have many similar items from here.

The little dresses look good too.

The Mickey & Minnie section looks good too!

Dinner was fried chicken at The Fry Pan. We ordered a salad which tasted really good, I love the strong vinegar taste.

I love love love this fried chicken with real potato chips. It was so delish that even thou it's a big plate, we finished up about 70% of it.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

We went into this shop which sells products which are very very similar to skin inc. Bought a mask to try out tonight or tmr. If it's good, I won't mind buying some back even thou it cost 3800won(SGD4.50) each. There's a serum for you to apply before you put on the sheet mask.

#dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

#Faceshop X #Disney series😍😍

The Mickey Mouse series which I went a little crazy over!

They even have pooh bear series of nail polish. But I don't use nail polish so I'm giving it a skip.

The eye makeup!

The number of bb/cc cream cover that they have in Korea.

In Taiwan, everything is kittified.

In Korea, everything is LINE!!

I love their CU(something similar to 7/11)!

Snoopy milk & coffee! Going to buy them tmr to try.

So many flavours of yakult. I bought the mango one to try & it tasted really good.

The number of coffee/tea they carry. Can you spot something at the top right background??!

Yes!! The Taiwan milk tea.

The drinks in our fridge tonight!!

Before I forget, I found the sailor moon eyeliner but they cost 23,000won(SGD27) each, I don't feel it's worth my πŸ’°πŸ’° so I'm skipping it.

My loot of the day, which is considered quite a bit given that we only had 2 hours to shop after dinner.

Bought back almost all the Mickey Mouse series! So HAPPIE to bag them home!!

View from our bed from the loft! I love duplex house!

It's 11.37pm local time. We retreated back to our B&B to rest because we had a long day in the morning & my left ankle starts to hurt again.

Feeling hungry, preparing to supper with this.

The amount of fats put on from Taiwan & this Korea trip!! Let's hope my ankle will be well for me to run again when I am back in SG.

Holiday also still HK-drama-ing!

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