HAPPIE 9th anniversary + 4th wedding anniversary.

Can't believe 4 years have flew by since P.S.I.LOVE.U happened.

Reluctantly get out of my bed at 9.30am. It's not that I didn't have enough sleep but I think I didn't spend enough time on my super comfy bed.

It's like I'm off for another 2 weeks before I get to roll on my bed till I'm HAPPIE!

Last Taiwanese style breakkie before its Korean style for the next 2 weeks.

Honestly speaking, I'm not very thrilled about Korea because the impression I had of Korea is always BBQ food, which is what I disliked the most.

Like friends said, let's hope this trip will change my opinion of Korea.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Finally heading out of the house for a lunch appointment before heading to somewhere to collect something for an advert.

Then I'll need to rush back to change 💰💰 & pack luggage. I'm impressed with how people who needs to travel often, how do they managed to turn over their luggage at such a fast speed? I definitely can't do it.

Let's hope I won't forget to bring anything. Even if I did, there's always Watsons to rely on!!

I made a booking with ChangiRecommends for my wifi port to Korea but I've lost the reservation number. Blur me, totally forgotten that I need to printscreen to keep a record. And there isn't any email sent for confirmation. I've dropped them a DM in Instagram.

It'll be alright for me to just go to the counter to collect tmr right??

Looking forward to my Teppei lunch, let's hope the crowd is not overwhelming. I've been craving for their Barachirashi-don. Since today is our anniversary & I'm alone without any celebration meal, I should just add some truffles & Uni.

Anyway, I'm intending to go their omakase dinner again after BIB is back. The first experience was great & I've been thinking about it. The booking process is super tedious & you might not get a seat even if you wake up at 8am! Who should I ask along leh??!

😍😍! My all time favourite!!

Kaisendon with UNI from #Teppei. Sadly the standard has dropped a lot.

Didn't expect my friend's medical appointment to be 3 hours long. Ended up I can only collect the advert item when I'm back in August. Felt so bad towards the girl whom I told her I'll be coming down.

Now rushing back to change money for Korea & to get my medication from the pharmacist before they are closed at 7pm.

And I'm feeling so hungry! Kept thinking about what to eat later. And yes, the thought of needing to pack luggage feels so sian.

Wifey & I decided to bring 6 sets of clothing & we will just buy more along the way to save luggage space. If we can't get anything, the 6 sets will go to the laundry service of the hotel at Jeju then I'll have to repeat them. But given our ability to shop, I don't think it's hard to get us new clothing to last for the whole trip. I'm just hoping our cash will last us.

I hope I can sleep early tonight too since I need to be at the airport at unearthly hour again. And the SQ flight, please don't disappoint me again. I'm looking forward to a good 6 hours of rest on plane too.

1 hour more, exactly 4 years ago! Happily walking in with BIB.

I'm the kapo bride who wants to watch our montage. Why doesn't the couple gets to watch their own montage with actual day video edit leh?

Our second march in was a dance to "Marry Me" with our 8 brothers & sisters.

So glad this watch c/o #DanielWellington managed to be delivered on time for me to wear over o Korea.

So HAPPIE that my luggage is only 40% full even thou this is a 2 weeks trip. There's so much space to buy things back 😍✌🏻️

I'm missing my bed now even thou I'm on it! 2 weeks away & I'll miss it a lot!!

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