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Taipei, Taiwan Day One, 2016

Up at 4.00am just to catch our 7am flight.

When the 4 hours 50 minutes plane ride became to unbearable, time to spam selfie & even wefie with momma. It’s my first time bringing her out instead of her bringing me out!

There are 2 options to get to Taipei city from Tao Yuan International Airport. You can either get a taxi at NT1000-1200, depending on your negotiation skills. The second option is to take Kuo Kuang bus 1819 to Taipei main station at NT125 per person. You can proceed to basement, look for the ticketing counter of Kuo Kuang(Counter 6-8), purchase the ticket and head out to booth 5 to wait for 1819. They have other destinations too so do check with the kind & friendly staff at the counter. The bus frequency is about 10-15 minutes but I think the queue is very long today and the bus came at a frequency of 5 minutes. I’ve taken them many times & totally think it’s worth the money. The seats are comfortable, your luggage is taken care of by the driver & they even provide USB port for you to charge your device(but you have to use your own cable).

If you are feeling hungry after the long flight, you can drop by the convenient store at the same level to grab some snacks and drinks. I find that I have “Decision Making Difficulty Disorder” everytime when I step into Taiwan’s convenient store. There are so many options out there but usually I’ll go with my favourite few, such as this milk tea.

First meal of the day was this candy floss ice cream located at basement of Zhong Xiao Fu Xing Sogo. This is a newly added store & many Taiwanese are giving it a try too. Its actually a frozen fruit ice cream consisting of watermelon, kiwi, pineapple & mango.

Do take note that there are 2 SOGO located in Zhong Xiao Fu Xing Station. Zhong Xiao Fu Xing SOGO is the branch where they sell common brands such as Porter, Adidas & all. Tai Ping SOGO is the Atas branch which they sell all the high end brand. Zhong Xiao Fu Xing SOGO is at Exit 4, do keep a lookout for signage & don’t go to the wrong Sogo!

I have been eyeing on this Grace Gift Disney X TsumTsum collection ever since its launch because I’m a great disney fan, especially for Eeyore. It is quite a pity that they do not have any specific collection for Eeyore apart from the stick on patch, which I happily bought home one. Tried on their signature design and it was not hard to choose between Mickey/Minnie and Piglet. Tried on the denim stick on patch too but I feel the material and color for this collection is not very nice. The Mickey/Minnie cost NT1580 while the one with stick on patch cost NT1680.

Grace Gift Taiwan
Basement of Zhong Xiao Fu Xing SOGO

Shopped my favourite Jill Stuart & realized they discontinued a lot of products. How sad is that right? We went to window shop around because I spent a bomb on Grace Gift & Jill Stuart. We took a cab back to our hotel to put down our loot before heading over to my all time favourite foodie night market in Taipei, 饒河街觀光夜市.

This is my 7th or 8th time here and honestly, I’ve eaten from a lot of stores that sell disappointing food. This time round, it seems that more food stores have vanished and I was feeling quite anxious to find my favourite pink guava juice with seafood store. If you follow the crowd direction, the seafood store is located somewhere near the middle of the second lane. There are many seafood stores & honestly, the seafood quality they sell can’t be compared with this at all. The boss breed his own seafood, cooked them over charcoal fire & they are usually big & juicy. Please give this place a try if you want to know how authentic seafood in Taiwan night market taste like!

饒河街觀光夜市: Take the green line & alight at Song Shan Station.

After we are done with night market, I brought momma to the flea market at Red Building. Every Sunday, there will be flea market set up for people to rent a store to sell stuffs that are DIY. You can tell that some are customized while some, just off TaoBao & marked up like 20 times the price? The things are not cheap here but some items are really nice, just for admiration purpose.

Feal Market on every Sunday outside 西门红楼: Xi Men station on blue line.

I love the basking culture in Xi Men Ding too. Some of the performers are really talented. They can sing, dance & perform really well.

I love the street food culture over here. Some push carts sell authentic & delish Taiwanese food. It’s common for illegal push cart like this to start their business in front of mall & they will run to the alley when police come. Me & BIB witness it a few times & thought it’s quite a culture thing.

Shopping in Uniqlo! I’m too busy rushing around and this is like the best photo for my outfit of the day.

I went to my favourite 4 storey high Watsons & got so impressed with the adorable stuff that they sell. I love how they carry a wide range of brands & they have literally everything. 

Ending Taiwan with my loot of the day. Think I overspent quite a lot today but I’m a HAPPY girl. I need to rest my ankle and eyes now. Momma has spoken & said even if there’s thunderstorm tomorrow, we must go 淡水.

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