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Love Bonito Show Room

Was very delighted to be invited to Love Bonito Show Room even if it means a huge damage to my pocket!

I love the spacious and minimalist design of the show room where past collections and pre-launched items are displayed and you can see everything a glance. It makes shopping easier and fuss free.

 Brought along Jasmine as my +1 to let her experience Love Bonito. I’m glad she has begin to love them the way I do.


With Rachel, who is so friendly and kind. She’s a very approachable person who offers a lot of advice and help. Really glad to interact with her on a personal level.

Bump into fellow Amanda and we made our way to the show room together and shopped together too. Nadia came in time for a photo with us!

A group photo with some of the ladies!

Ever since the closure of the pop-up store, it’s a rare chance for me to try on their clothing physically. I took the chance to try out a lot of clothing before I bagged home 4 of them.

The lighting wasn’t that great in the fitting room and I gave up using my camera after a while. Please pardon the quality of the photos!

This color block dress caught my attention when I glance through the collection. But I guess the cutting doesn’t suit my body shape.

I was aiming this when I saw it at weekly staple and I love the unique blush color too. I ended up bagging this home because it’s too pretty to miss.

I’ve been wanting to get this since the launch but I’m worried that it doesn’t looks good on me. This is S size and it’s still quite loose on me. But I still bagged it home because it’s my style and I think I love the look of it.

This Suede dress looks so gorgeous in real life. I think this photo doesn’t do justice to it at all. I ended up bagging this home too even thou I don’t need any formal wear since I’ll be jobless from Friday onwards.

I’ve been aiming this top since the launch too but mustard color was out of stock even before I managed to cart it. I was encouraged to pair it with a skirt, which I couldn’t carry it. I don’t wear skirt because of my body proportion. It’ll make me look weird.

Paired the top with the pants and I really love the top a lot. I ended up bagging the top home too.

Tried this new top but doesn’t really suit me so I’m giving this pre-launched top a miss.

Have been wanting to try this wrapped dress for a long time. Too mature looking on me, I don’t think I can carry this off too!

Eventually bagged home 4 items and took clearer photos of them at home. This is how my review photos will look like on my DAYRE(@mandalogy21).

I’ve tried a few other items but forgotten to take photos of them. It was really an enjoyable LBExperience that I had and I hope there will be another pop-up store soon whereby we can always drop by to give the clothing a try.

Thanks to Rachel and the Love Bonito team for the exclusive invitation and for having us around. It was a fun and enjoyable night.

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