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Joe and Dough Coffee Appreciation session

I felt very privileged to be invited for a private coffee appreciation session at Joe and Dough with their head barista, who has twenty years of coffee experience.  

I love the setup of the outlet located at Kallang Leisure mall, somehow, it reminded me of the movie, 等一个人咖啡.  

I found out that Joe and Dough believes in good quality of coffee, cakes and sandwiches, that explains why they use an in-house baker as compared to many chain coffee outlet which uses supplier for the supply of their cakes.  

We were introduced to a few of their signature cakes: 

Gula Melaka Panda Cake ($5.80) – The sweetness tasted just nice and the cake is moist enough for my liking. One of the best I’ve ever tasted. 

Blueberry Yoghurt Tart ($$6.50) – I was expecting something sour but the taste of this cake is very balance with some sweetness in it. For people who doesn’t like sweet stuff, you may try this refreshing cake. 

Chocolate Trio ($$6.50) – I am biased, anything that has dark chocolate, I’ll love it.  

We tried the newly added beverage, Moscato Pear CHA cooler ($5.80), which consist of white tea and Muscat grapes with pear bits. This tasted really refreshing and unique, a combination that I love!  

This is the coffee machine and the Grinder to grind coffee beans into powder before brewing a cup of coffee for customer. At Joe and Dough, they believe in coffee being freshly brew.
We had the chance to go behind the counter and tried being a Barista for once. Adrian gave us a briefing on what are the DOs and DONTs at the coffee machine to avoid scalding ourselves.  


First thing to do was to take out the Portafilter from the coffee maker and throw the residue of the remaining coffee powder from the previous brew into this super cool mental dustbin specially meant for portafilter. 

There’s a mental bar at the opening of the dustbin which you have to use the corner of the portafilter to hit it and the residues will all fall into it.  
There will be a dedicated cloth just to clear it again just to ensure that there’s no residue left. So much dedication to ensure that the cup of coffee is freshly brew without being mixed with previous brew.  


We have to place the Portafilter on the grinder and press a button for the beans to be grind into powder.  


After which, we place the Portafilter back to the coffee machine and press the option of shots that you want. 

I learnt that single shot means an ounce of coffee while double shot means two ounce of coffee. I’m a noob and always thought that double shots means you want the coffee to be thicker.  


Looking at my double shots being dispensed from the coffee machine.  

The part which is the hardest is the steam milk portion. 

We had to pour out cold milk into the milk jar then use the steamer to stretch the milk when it reaches 65 degree.  


After we are done with the steam milk, we are required to pour it in at 2 different heights at 2 different timing.  


Firstly was to pour it at a certain height. You have to control how fast the milk is being poured and have to stop when it reaches half cup.  


Then you have to tilt the cup and pour in slowly and closely to the cup.  


Looking HAPPIE with my own milk pouring ability.  

Next is to use foam and draw some simple latte art.  

The cat latte art was done by me while the bear was done by Jasmine. 

It was a very interactive and interesting session where I get to learn a lot about coffee and how much effort was put in to ensure that coffee tasted good and fresh. 

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