It's rare that I'll sleep till 10am. Shows how much exam tortured and stressed me out. It feels good to study and vomit out everything out. But social science and psychology papers are sick, the numbers of word that you have to write and all!

Anyway, I couldn't resist and bought more stickers again. Sigh, I'm a goner for adorable stuff. The amount of 💵💰 spent on stickers on DAYRE and Line chat.

Continue my #TaoBao shopping from last night. Added these items into my cart but have not cart them out yet. Not sure if I should cart them out. If anybody wants any link, let me know! A bit lazy to post since I've not purchase them yet.


The measurement for this looks like there's a chance of it turning out as a dress for me. Midi length so I wear Le will become normal length??!

But I cant decide black or pink is nicer. I have many similar in black so should get pink?

I bought this in a shop in Taiwan before at SGD9? And it's only less than SGD2.00 on TaoBao. So heartpain!

This bag, I can't say no! But I can't decide grey or mustard. How how??

#TaoBao has too many adorable bags Le!

This long black vest😍

I love one piece, can't say no to this right?

This looks nice too! I don't have bottoms in this color. Not sure if I'll look fat in this.

Many asked how I did up my bun. It's thru hair accessories like this.

I saw these from Typo before at SGD14-17 per box. So when I saw this at SGD1.13, I couldn't resist. Think it'll be appropriate for some flat lay!

This cotton tee, looks so comfy and nice!

I've bought the #TaoBao Prime Shipping where shipping cost SGD2.99 no matter how heavy or bulky the items are. I just purchased it using SGD9.99 and now waiting for the payment to be topup. Then, I can cart out the above item.

Please quickly approve my TOPUP!~~

Yay my prime membership has been approved and I carted out my item for $2.99 shipping. There's no agent fee too.

All the above for $40.70, super worth right? I think for the amount, I can only get a dress or top from blogshop.

This #taobao is really super addictive!

I'm on second round of #TaoBao, I should have waited before paying and carting but I'm so worried about OOS! So here's my second round. Must make use of the $2.99 prime shipping and free agent fee right??!


Anyway I'm looking for marble plates or chop board but can't find it. Anybody knows where to find?

Tassel! This matches my earrings that I've gotten in all colors.

My momma love this so I decided to get 1. Found a melody and there's no way I can say NO!

And this belt!

This bell sleeve dress 😍!


Okie I don't dare open my #TaoBao app! Time to go back to study le.

Can't wait to receive my #TaoBaoHaul

Amen to this!

And this too!

I love the 2 quotes that I thought it'll be good to share with others. Expectation is the cause of disappointment. If you want something, work hard for it yourself. And remember, if you are in a race of competing with others, you'll end up spending your energy chasing after somebody else and not stay focus on your own track.

I'm supposed to be studying but nothing goes in the whole day and I gave up.

Took out my black truffle chips and time for drama.

I'm just not in the mood for books today. Let's hope the brain will do a better job tmr.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Totally what I felt like!

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