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Pazzion Spring and Summer Collection 2016

Pazzion is one of my favourite brands that I shop at and I own at least 20 pairs of shoes from them. This shows how comfortable and fashionable their shoes are. For every occasion, I have at least a pair from them to wear. Be it the sporty chic look to the girlie look, or the feminine looking heels, they are definitely the place for me to shop.

I was invited to look at their latest new Spring & Summer collection and I was spoilt for choice with the wide variety of designs provided.

Below are some of the designs from this Spring & Summer collection that I personally adore. From the chic look to the casual weekend look, they have a pair of shoes to cater to you. 

I have selected a few pairs from this collection to try on and it was hard choosing my favourite pair. 

This white loafer is my personal favourite and I eventually bagged it home with me. It’s so versatile that you can pair it with a skirt for a chic look or denim skirt for a casual weekend look. 

For the elegant or heels ladies out there, you have to check out this pair of heels. It’s comfortable enough for everyday office wear and elegant enough for a special dinner at night. Pair it with their clutch and you are ready to go for a dinner date. 

Personally, I love this black loafer too! I’ve owned a pair that’s similar and worn it with almost everything from a dress to casual dress down outfit. And don’t you love the big mirrors that are around the shop? They allow you to see how you look like in their shoes with your outfit. You’ll be surprised to know that not all shoe shops have big mirrors like they have. 

Their Spring & Summer collection will not be complete without chic slippers like this pair that I’m wearing. It’ll be a statement on your outfit if you wear this to the beach. 

And for all the brides out there, Pazzion carry a series of bridal show that are comfortable and gorgeous! 

More than just the collection that they have, another reason why I love to shop with them is because of the service that they provide. There are many occasions when I walked in, requested to try on shoes but walked out empty handed, I didn’t experience any attitude or bad service from the staff. That’s my personal experiences from the Wisma and Tampines outlets because I tend to patronize these 2 outlets quite often. And when I was there, the staff provided an area where I can try on the shoes and take photos. It’s not common to get such good quality of service in retail shops locally so I appreciate them for it. 

PAZZION has move from offline to online too. Their new Spring & Summer collection is now available at Pazzion New Collection Online. They provide free shipping to local address in Singapore too! Give it a visit and I’m sure you’ll love their shoes the way I do. 

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