Sony a6000


To be honest, I’m not very good with Camera. BIB is the one who will do the research and present the facts to me. My initial choice was another brand because I saw a lot of bloggers and instagrammers using it. 

The hub knows me well so instead of presenting facts to convince me which is better, he brought me out to test the various cameras I had in mind. This method works for me because after trying all the various camera, I’m most satisfied with this. I named it 80s because of the vintage feel and color. 

He wanted to get me a DSLR but I figured out I’ll be too lazy to learn how to maximize it so we will get one after he’s back from his 18 weeks trip. As of now, this camera will be more than enough. 

So why choose this? I’m not a camera pro and I know many girls out there have better knowledge than me. I’ll just do a simple review and reasoning of why I felt this camera was good! Please correct me if any of the point that I’ve stated is wrong.

1) Mirrorless, ViewFinder

80s is a Mirrorless camera with a viewfinder. I know many of us are used to taking photos just by looking at the LCD. But according to what I learnt, what you see in LCD might not be what you get. 

For a Mirrorless camera with viewfinder, whatever you see is whatever you get. Be it the angle, color or lighting. There are times when I take a photo and it ended up to cut at the wrong places or doesn’t seem right. I hope viewfinder solves this issue for me. 

I’ve tried it out so far and it’s been great. Now I know why many professional photographer doesn’t rely on LCD but on viewfinder. I still need to practice my angles with viewfinder and like what BIB says, it requires practice because it’s different from taking photo with LCD.

2) Photo quality 

24.3 megapixel is something quite common nowadays. I’ve tested 80s out with a few other brands that I had in mind taking the same stuff, 80s win hands down. Please note that I’m referring to cameras that’s of similar specs and size, not referring to using 80s with DSLR or Leica.

We went to 3-4 shops before we finally purchased the camera and at all the shops, they recommended 80s as compared to other brands. 

There’s quite a few professional reviews out there which place a6000 beside DSLR cameras and the review doesn’t seem too bad for this Mirrorless camera. I’ve read thru a few and got convinced by the specs that were presented side by side for a comparison. 

And under very very low light, we’ve tested it out on Monday night, the quality is really good. I’ve seen how a few friends failed to take decent photos under low light so I’m not taking this “decent photo under low light” for granted. 

3) Controlling photo taking with smart phone

This is something that impressed me a lot. There’s a function in 80s that linked up your phone with the camera. Taking #OOTDs with tripod by yourself is much easier now.

Functions that phone can control:

1) Lighting(Exposure to brighten or darken)

2) Zoom(You can choose to zoom in or out)

3) Focus(You can tap on your phone to get your camera to focus)

When BIB is not around, I can just use a tripod and position 80s, using my phone, I can take nice OOTDs too! 

4) Lightweight

The previous semi-D that we had is so bulky and heavy. It’s like bringing a stone out (in my opinion)! 80s is sleek and light in my opinion. It’s not as heavy as a few other models that we saw. BIB was very keen in Nex5 but it felt bulky too. 

When I’m out for event, I can either bring my Balenciaga bag or Chanel 2.55 because the previous bulky camera doesn’t fit into my other smaller size bag. And even with my jumbo Chanel 2.55, I can’t place much stuff inside after putting camera. 

I guess there’s still quite a few reason why I got it but the above 4 are the main reason. It doesn’t help that BIB pushes and “sell” it quite a bit. 

I’ve yet to play much with it yet because I’m really busy with submitting assignments. Tonight and tomorrow will be the last 2 nights to rush assignment before I’m done with the semester. 

And like I mention again, I’m not a professional camera user and the above are just my humble opinion and reviews. I know there’s DSLR out there which are better and all but for me, these are sufficient. 

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