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Of growing up 

Of growing up! I rarely share personal thoughts on social media. I do rant and share some random thoughts on my DAYRE but not here. I was catching up with a long time friend and we talked about our evil rebellious youthful time and had a good laugh over it. Honestly, the evil things we did and the immature attitude, it’s quite unbelievable. 

Being the only child and one of the youngest in the family, I was very dote upon. To be fair, girls are very precious in my family because we are being outnumbered by the boys so naturally my uncles doted on me too. Naturally, I did a lot of rebellious stuff in school. Like there’s this girl who went around bullying people and I couldn’t take her action, so at the age of 7, I took scissors and cut off part of her pony tail. There’s a lot of mischievous and evil deeds that I did, too embarrassed to share. And moving to secondary school, I became the demanding girl. To be honest, I don’t know how my secondary school girlies are able to withstand that demanding attitude. I guess that’s what friends are and I’m glad I have the two of them still in my life. Not forgetting the other girls whom we grew up together in church. I’ve always said, they seen the worse in me and still love me the most. I always give thanks for having them in my life. In poly time, I tone down a lot but it doesn’t help that I was taking a course that I didn’t like at all and all I could think of is Graduation. Not much interaction with people around and honestly, I hated that bo-chap or heck care attitude. The most fun part of poly was forming a band for a short while with some really talented guys. They shared the best jokes and school was fun with them. 

Moving on to my first proper job(apart from teaching), I’ve learnt the hard way for many things but I thank God that the wifey was in the same company as me. Due to my efficiency, I was quite demanding too and if task ain’t complete, I’ll just take over and complete it. Many times, I tend to hurt people’s feelings without noticing it. I learned a lot and got my first feeling of what I felt was a betrayal. And trust me, I’ve learnt and grew the hard way with many crying and breaking down. It was also then that I realized I doesn’t like belonging to the industry I was in. I wasn’t that keen in making big bucks, sacrificing time and having to be so political. That was when I decided to pursue my degree and continue my dreams and passion to work with kids where I can be who I am. I close down my online shop during my first job too because mentally and emotionally, I was too stressed up to continue my business. 

Moving on and having worked for almost 7 years in this industry and being 29 years old, I looked back at the growing up years and find it amazing how I’ve grew with the help of many. And amazingly, my girlies who knew me since 12 or 13 are still around and I’m loving them much more than I did in the best. Even for my relationship with BIB, we’ve been through hard times and came to where we are. People do grow up and I believe there’s still many growing space for myself but I’m glad I’ve learnt and discovered who I want to be or who I don’t want to be. I love my current team because we bond and flow very well. Or rather, I’ve met them at the stage where I’ve learned how to communicate better and love people. I can be aloof to certain people in office still but that’s just me. I don’t talk too much or joke around with people whom I’m not close or feel comfortable with. But nothing wrong with that I felt, if people see an issue with that then I’m sorry then. End of the day, I can’t please everybody. 

I just want to write this down so that 10 years down the road, as a mother of I don’t know how many kids, I can turn back and smile to say that through the good and bad times, I’ve learn to grow and became a better person. 

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