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Watsons Day Out 2016

Was invited to Watsons Day Out and it was a fun experience where we get to explore this bungalow where 9 Watsons brands are being displayed and presented to us!

Beautifully done up entrance. It looks so beautiful at night, a pity that I was too tire, didn’t take any photo of it.

Presentation by Watsons Marketing manager to share with us about the new Watsons concept. Do visit their new store at Tiong Bahru Plaza to experience the new Watsons concept.

My +1 that I bring for event! Thanks for helping me with the lighting and with photo taking. The place was nice but the lighting is quite dim for photo taking so please pardon the quality of the photos. 


Our first station was DHC where we were being introduced to their latest supplement product of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Coconut oil and other beauty products. 


This is their new hair product which smells really good and it can be used for damaged hair or hair that went through chemical treatment.


This is the new beauty product, facial scrub and mineral mask. This facial scrub has mini bits that does exfoliating for your skin while washing it and the mineral mask will help to cleanse the dirt on your face. I’m quite tempted to get the mineral mask to use because the description sounded quite good.  

This is the new supplement that they came out with which is said to be good for improving bowels movement and for skin condition too!  



Our second stop was AFC, a brand that carries health supplements.


They carry this yoghurt taste-alike drink which contains probiotics and aids in bowel movements too. They have other health supplements available too!   



This has to be my favourite stop because I’m a loyal fan of their collagen! They came up with a smoothie drink for different purpose such as detox and all. Not forgetting their latest product, SUPERFOOD, which I’ve been looking at even before the event. I tried a little of the superfood and it doesn’t taste as bad as I imagine it to be. In fact, it tasted quite good with the sesame taste. I’m going to try the full size superfood that they have give to us and if it’s a good meal replacement product, it’s going to be a staple at home! I’m quite impressed by how the people there used the SuperFood to bake pancakes too. Delicious and healthy food.



BioNike is an Italian brand that has been around for 50 years and they have been in Singapore market for 18 years. They have products that is suitable for babies all the way till feminine care products for women who are experiencing menopause. Their products are very extensive and if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, you may keep a lookout for them too because they will have something suitable for you.

This is their feminine care series and body series.

This is the series for acne prone skin.


Their feminine care product that is suitable for pre-pregnancy lady till female who are experiencing menopause.


These are for the use of babies! 


And these are their other skincare and makeup series. 



Natural Products by Watsons

This is consider a in-house brand and why the name natural? It’s because all their products are made by natural and organic items, making it very safe to use even for people who experience skin problems. Their carry argan oil, olive and bee wax products which is very good for our skin and hair. I’m not a hand cream person but I tried these series of hand cream and was surprised that they are not sticky at all. 



This is the first time that I’ve heard of this product but I’m quite impressed with the series of items that they carry. They carry shower lotion that’s suitable even for sensitive skin and they have this make up remover that is alcohol free but able to remove eye and face makeup. I’ve bagged home a bottle of it to try, let me review it when I’ve used it.


This brand needs no introduction. This is a brand that many are familiar with and have seen it around. But today, I was introduced to a lot of new products by them.

Firstly, they have launched their special edition perfume which is available at selected Watsons only. The perfume smells really good and sweet. For those who wants something sweet but not overly sweet, you may want to consider getting this.


They have this new mascara too! This is a 5-in-1 mascara which they came out in 4 different series.   

Upcoming in May, press powder which is applied using a brush instead of the traditional press powder cushion! 


And lastly, their Hall of fame, those number 1 products of Revlon.  


Another common product that we all heard about. Today I was introduced to their new anti aging product, the revitalized series and sun block most. 


Labo Labo

This is the sister brand of CiLabo and this explains why their name and packaging looks so similar. They made use of natural ingredients and their products are said to help in refining pores. I took home a moisturizer to try, I will review it after using too. Let’s hope it doesn’t give my sensitive skin any issues.


And once again, thanks to HuntingtonComms and Watsons SG for the invite! Not forgetting all the goodies below in our goodie bag. I will do a review after using some of the products.


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