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Attended the new launch of Philosophy, ultimate miracle, at Luxe Sydney located at Working Capitol. I love the ambience of the restaurant and the elegant table setting, it makes one feels very at home. The food tasted good too. I’m not a salmon person but I enjoyed it a lot together with the sunflower seed cauliflower. 

The talk given by their trainer was good. I learned about how harmful UV Ray was and how our sun block is able to block only 50% of the harmful Ray. Do you know that at the age of 21, our skin starts to age but with the environment factors, it’ll age faster than its supposed to be? With the new ultimate miracle range by Philosphy, it will aid in reducing aging process and protect the skin. 

After the talk and dinner, we created and decorated our own terrarium too. It’s a reminder that we need to protect our skin against harmful Ray. With this new ultimate miracle range, we can protect our skin while improving it as we age. 

This series will be available in Sephora and I can’t wait to try out the products that we bagged home!  

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