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i-Light at Marina Bay

i-Light at Marina bay has been around for quite a few years. This is my third time going for it and as usual, it doesn’t disappoint much, except that the walking distance became longer because of the places that it has expanded to! 

It will be from 04th March to 27th March starting from 7.30pm to 11.00pm. The location is at Marina Bay Waterfront area. 

For more information, you may click here

There are various stations all around the whole Marina Bay Area starting from MBS to MBS financial center and all the way to floating platform. I got a feeling, this is how the organizer forced Singaporeans to workout! My advice would be, wearing something comfortable, especially for footwear cause the walking can be quite intensive. Some parts of the exhibition are on the grass so on days when it rains, you won’t want to dirty your expensive heels or shoes. 

Below are some of the exhibition which I find interesting. I’m not sure of their exact name so I’m giving them names on my own:

1) Light spaceship


2) Emograph

There’s a device whereby you place your hand on it, following your heart beat, there will be “emo graphs” show on the screen follow by a song. 

3) Emotional lights

Light changes pattern according to your emotion. Stand in front of the panel and watch the color transform into your mood.

4) Show on Art Science museum

There is this spa music that is playing alongside with various display. Very smoothing to the heart and soul but it’ll make you sleepy too!

5) Angels of freedom




Be an angel for a second! 

6) City sky line



As the color changes, it indicates the different timing of a day whereby different feel of our Singapore skyline will be shown! 

7) Moon



8) Hermit Mirror


10) World of bubbles


11) Lightning


12) Walls of Light

And we took some random photos while waiting for the sky to turn dark and the lights to be out.


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