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Museum DAY

 Went to 7KickStart for brunch and the food was quite a disappointment. The salted egg didn’t oooz out at all, it was place at the side of the plate.


Worn my favourite ombré dress out and we went around the place to take some nice OOTDs. BIB has always been patient with me when it comes to OOTD, so thankful for him.


The above are imported from British Museum. It can’t be compared to those that I’ve seen in British museum but still consider a fairly good collection that we have in Singapore.

This is a series of photo of a youngster being on trial for murder case in Iran in the public. Family members of the victim are being involved in the judgment too. If the family member pushes the chair away, he will be hang to death. However, if the family member gave him a slap and remove the black clothe, it’s an indication of forgiveness and he will be freed from sentence of death. Amazing by how we have different culture in different country. The sociology student kicks in when I saw this.

The top left photo is the after result of a body crashing through the rooftop. The bottom left photo shows the owner of the house. The photo on the right shows the leftover of belongings from MH17. And yes, this is a series of photos showing what happened to MH17. Rest in peace to all the victims and I hope the family can find peace in knowing what happen.

This is not a painting. It’s a photo showing refugees that escape from Syria. Many risked their life to escape and cross the Mediterranean sea with a hope for a peaceful life and future. 

If you are keen in all these, you may visit this exhibition in level 1 and basement of Singapore National Museum to check out other award winning photos by photographer around the world. 

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