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Ramen Keisuke Lobster King 

I’m very selective about food invites because I don’t want to be caught in a dilemma if it doesn’t taste good and I can’t give a honest review. I’m very sure Ramen Keisuke will not disappoint me that’s why I agreed to the media tasting for Ramen Keisuke Lobster King. And yes, they open their 10th outlet in Singapore. 

The new outlet is located in Clark Quay area and operated from 6.00pm till 5.00am. This means good news for those who loves to hang out late and enjoy good food.

Upon walking into the restaurant, you’ll find yourself being transported to Japan. Personally, I love the setting of the restaurant. Having 62 indoor seats, with private dinning room option available, this is a cosy place to hang out with friends. With the late closing hours also meant that we can stay to chill till as late as we want to in this cosy place. 

The open concept kitchen allows you to peep in and see how the chefs worked! I love places with open concept kitchen, it shows how confident a restaurant is with their chef’s skills. If you are not confident with their cooking skill, you’ll not display them openly.

They offer free-flow bean sprouts and boiled egg. I’m not a bean sprouts person but their marinated bean sprouts tasted so good that I had 2 big plates. BIB love it a lot too and he wants to try doing it at home too. For egg lovers, you can enjoy free flow eggs too!


I think I have a new found love: Green Tea Cola! I’ve never tried anything like this and I really love it. I love the refreshing and sparkling taste of it too. 

In this outlet, they have the all-new Lobster Stock Ramen is available in 4 different styles:

1) Lobster Broth Ramen with Clear Soup – selected for its rich and abundant roe and flavour, the shells of rock lobster are first pan-fried, crushed into fine bits and subsequently simmered for 6 hours with a special blend of herbs and vegetables
2) Lobster Broth Ramen with Rich Creamy Soup – the stock brewing takes an additional 4-6 hours as compared to the clear soup to create the creamy texture.

3) Miso Lobster Broth Ramen – boiled with a special blend using 3 various types of miso while the curly ramen noodles served in this lobster creation are pan-fried by order.

4) Spicy Miso Lobster Broth Ramen – created with blended spices and chilli such as spicy oil, Japanese Ichimi and Sichuan Sansho

We ordered the Lobster Broth Ramen with rich creamy base and Spicy Miso Lobster Broth Ramen.

This is the spicy miso Lobster Broth Ramen which tasted really good. It’s both our favourite. I love how the lobster broth tasted so fresh with the right level of spiciness. I love anything spicy! 

This is the Lobster Broth Ramen with rich soup base. This is where all the richness of the lobster can be found. 

In every bowl of full topping ramen, you can find a piece of seaweed, lava egg, 2 dumplings, cha-siew, fried prawn ball and drunken chicken slice. The fried prawn ball came as a surprise for us. When you bite it, you can taste the prawn filling. The drunken chicken slice came as another surprise too. We didn’t expect the chicken slice to be marinated with wine. It tasted so flavorful and soft, I finished off all of it! 

Ramen Keisuke Lobster Ramen will be open for business from 20th February 2016. They are located at Clark Quay – 3C River Valley Road #01-07 The Cannery, Singapore 179022. 

Do drop by to give them a visit, I’m sure you will not be disappointed by the standard of the ramen. 

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