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Christmas staycation



Did the long awaited staycation over at Kor’s place. It was a fun-filled 2D1N where we drain all our energy on the 2 boys. After the kids slept, the adults stayed up and chatted till 3am before the babies woke up at 8am and started crawling all over us. BIB cooked up a Christmas dinner for us and I love the cream of mushroom soup that he cooked from scratch. I never knew that cooking mushroom soup requires so many steps. We went to the pool on Boxing Day and I love how chillax it was to just lie on my flamingo and do nothing. How good can life gets when one is slacking on a flamingo under the shade in the pool. Jie prepared lava chocolate cake for us, I miss the times we had when she used to stay near us. We will always go over for dinner and dessert. 

We have another staycation at their place soon and I’m more than looking forward to it. Family times are times that I treasured and enjoyed, nothing beats watching the kids grow up, having heart to heart talk and gossips. There’s nothing more that I asked for. 

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