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Ended off Tuesday with a 5km run after resting for a day. At 3km, my right ankle hurts like mad so I limped around for another 2km before I called it a night. I guess that is my body’s way of telling me to rest my leg, especially when running can injured the knee and ankle. BIB came home earlier than expected from his night training so I got hot soup to drink for dinner.

Mid-week was a Happie day because I brought le God-son to Orchard for Christmas. He’s totally in love with the lightings, decorations and “ball ball”. He looks so happy walking around admiring all the “ball ball”. This boy is totally crazy about ball ball. 

Had a good Thursday lunch because I’m feeling so lethargic even at work. Felt like I have a million hours of sleep debt to pay back. I have been craving for Teppei from Orchid Hotel but I don’t have the spare time or luxury to queue for lunch there. So substituted it with Teppei at Takashimaya basement outlet which tasted good enough to satisfy my craving. 

Went for a run again after work and clocked 6km on my own. While running near lower seletar, I saw this beautiful lightning that painted the sky. I’m someone who’s scare of lightning but for the first time, I stood there to admire the scenery. Ran home and BIB was home to cooked dinner for me again. Love the Chinese chives dumpling soup that he cooked, it’ll be the house favourite for the time being.

And it’s a rare friYAY where BIB is going work at such a late hour and we even took train together even thou he’s dropping 2 stations earlier than me. This is something so rare and it makes me a happy girl. 

And I can’t wait for weekends to come where we are doing a staycation with the Twinnie!

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