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Went on a date night with BIB! I’ve been wanting to try Tuk-Tuk-Cha for the longest time and the outlet at Sembawang has finally open for business. We ordered Tom Yum toast with egg, Condense milk & Milo toast, Mango Sticky rice, Thai Ice Milk Tea and Ice Roselle. I love the Condense milk and Milo toast the most. For a non-sweet tooth person like me, this tasted just nice and I love how crunchy the bread were. The Tom Yum toast tasted a little too spicy for me and it tasted like some Tom Yum sardine which I don’t fancy at all. The Mango sticky rice tasted nice too but I’ve tasted better ones than this. BIB doesn’t like the Thai Ice Milk tea because it’s not sweet enough for his sweet-tooth but I find it just nice for me, not too sweet or too diluted. I’ll definitely be back for more of the toast, I can hear Nutella toast calling for me. 

I accompanied BIB to NTUC and his eyes spotted “live clams”. And sad to say, they didn’t survive through the night. He cooked them with garlic, chilli and butter and it was so delish, better than many of the clams soup outside. I think he’ll make a talented and good chef instead of doing his current job. Maybe for our retirement, we can open a bee hoon stall to sell bee hoon. He will do the cooking while I’ll collect money, doesn’t that sounds like a great retirement plan?!


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