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First 10KM race, Standard Charterd Marathon 

Since young, I’ve always admired people who can run race because this is something that I can’t do with my chronic asthma. Going to sick bay or hospital because of lung issues or asthma has been quite common especially during my teen years. I’ve never done PE before too in school because of my serious medical condition. I’ve only begin to tame it when I hit my early 20s. As I’m approaching my late 20s, I hope to turn the dream of completing a race into reality and unlocking this milestone in life. 

2015 has been a year of restoration & reconciliation and to make it even better, I’ve signed up for my first race, 10km Standard Chartered Marathon race. I think BIB is Happier than anybody else when he heard that I sign up myself and him up for the race. 10km is nothing much for somebody who run full marathon but he decided to slow down his pace and speed to train and run with his slow-poke wife. People with chronic asthma are able run a race without stopping and don’t get asthma attack too. I hope to train and built myself up to achieve this. 

So here’s my running diary in chronological order starting from 2 weeks prior to the race. I want to record down every important training as part of an important memory in my life. 

24th November 2015 (Tuesday) 


The first few times when I ran more than a KM without stopping. But when I hit 1.6km, there’s a sharp pain at my left abdominal that I had to abort the whole running. Even thou it’s only a 11 minutes run, I was having great difficulties in breathing and trying to keep myself “alive”! I took 30 minutes to cool down and suffered from very bad muscleache for 3 days. After I’ve cool down, I started to question myself, IS THIS TORTURE NECESSARY??! 

28th November 2015 (Saturday)


To be honest, I felt lazy to be running on a Saturday morning. I rather be sleeping and snoozing on bed. Thank God there’s Axel boy’s school charity event in the morning to motivate me from getting up. 

When I hit 2km, I felt like dying and giving up but BIB motivated me and “dragged” me for a good 300m before I began to recharge and run on my own again. That 1km felt like hell and honestly, I began to question myself under the hot sun, IS THIS NECESSARY? 

After I finished the race, I vomited a little. I guess a cup of coffee with some biscuits ain’t enough to supply energy needed. I’ve taken 15 minutes to cool down and now enjoying the Tuay Hua that BIB has went to get for me from my favourite stall in Chong Pang market.

30th November 2015 (Monday)

Today’s run was great. I’m surprised that I’m still alive after running 5.13km without stopping at all! For the first 2km, I was still joking, fooling and talking with BIB that he got so impressed with my improved stamina. When we hit 3.2km, that was when I had to slow down by half the speed and felt my legs giving ways. But a few sighting of lightning makes me speed up towards the direction of home, I’m SCARE of LIGHTNING & THUNDER! 

Honestly, I’m quite amused with how my body got used to this thing call “RUNNING”. I’ve never really run in my life before because of my medical condition and I’m glad I can run 5km without stopping and without any asthma attack! I do pant badly and felt very short of breathe at some point till I felt like I’m fainting. Thank God BIB is there to drag me along to complete the 5km without me stopping at all.a

Okie enough of ranting! I’m enjoying a bowl of coconut water with jack fruit with watermelon and BIB cooked up a egg+ham+cheese omulette that’s so delicious. 


03rd December 2015 (Thursday)

From Tuesday till today, I’ve been looking forward to the run today. A time where I can push my body limit and sweat it out, not forgetting how we can spend time together. We stopped after 4km for a sip of drink but we forgot to bring any cash out. So the bravo BIB found a Macdonald and got me a small cup of drink. And off we go for another 3.5km before we call it a night. I felt my leg was breaking for the first time but I love how I’m able to run 7.5km without panting too much. We walked for another 1.3km before heading home for our fruits diet. I felt very ready for the 10km challenge for this coming Sunday. 

05th December 2015 (Saturday)

I’m sitting here resting on sofa watching  television and resting for my first race tomorrow. I don’t know how I’m going to fall asleep because I’m so EXCITED!

Took photo of the tag just in case we ruin it with our sweat! 

06th December 2015 (Sunday)

Yay! This is one of the few times when I woke up at 5am without much complain. But I’m simply not a morning person and most marathon are in morning😭! Can we have a night race or something? I think it suits me better. 

Anyway, here is my OOTD before the race. 

Feels good to be taking public transport with other runners towards the race place. I think BIB can sense my excitement! 

Here at the race and getting ready to flag off! While waiting for our turn to enter into the race, we saw the first runner who completed 42km full marathon. And we managed to witness the first female marathon runner completing the race too. I feel touched, don’t ask me why. 



OMYGOSH! I did my first 10km race in 1:34:40. My legs felt like it’s giving way but I love how this push my body to perform beyond what I can imagine! Can you imagine I ran 10km with only 2 water break? I got a feeling, it’s just the start of my racing journey, I’m really really loving this thing call running! And I want to thank BIB for always encouraging, pacing and running with me. Let me rest and nua today before I start checking to see what race I can run again! 

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