Zuperzozial GIVEAWAY

Christmas is around the corner, everybody(including myself) should be cracking your mind on what to get for our love ones and family. In the recent years, I love to give practical items during Christmas because it makes the person receiving happy and every time when they make use of that item, they will be reminded of your love. Doesn’t this sounds good and sweet. 

One of my top choice as a Christmas present will be giving away mug or cups for usage in office or home.Friends around me are having their own house and all these can be useful gifts too.  I love ZUPERZOZIAL more for its minimalist design. Here are some recommendations that I personally love and won’t mind owning them in my house in future.

1) Crusing Travel Mug


More infor here: Cruising Travel Mug

Who doesn’t love a stylish cup to carry around in office or to meetings? The minimalist design is something that I love about it and they have 3 colors to cater to different personality. Pink for the sweet lady, grey for the sophisticated man while white is universal for everyone. 

2) Knives on the block

More Infor here: Knives on the block

Ain’t this a lovely knife holder? It helps to store and organize the various knives you have and at the same time save space for you. It will definitely add on an edgy feeling for your kitchen.

3) Colorful cup set of 6

More Infor here: Colorful Cups set of 6

If you are expecting guest at your house often or during house warming, these cups will be of great use. Have you face the issues of having cups of the same color and you can’t differentiate which cup belongs to who? This colorful cups will definitely solve this issue!

4) Double Loop Chip Dipper


More Infor here: Double Loop Chip Dipper

Have you ever encountered the case where you need to have separate bowls or you will have to find a place for separate food items such as chips and the cheese itself? With this versatile double loop chip dipper, you can save all the trouble and use 1 hand to hold the plate, the other to enjoy the food. 

5) Flower Power Chip and Dip


More Infor here: Flower Power Chip and Dip

Personally, this is one of my favourite. You can place many items inside and enjoy it all at once. For example, you can put in potato chips, some peanuts or even seaweed without having too packets of tibits outside. Or if you love to cook small items, this will be a great choice too. Gone are the days of washing 4-5 plates!

6) 3-in-1 saucer

More Infor here: 3-in-1 saucer

This is another personal favourite, 3-in-1 saucer or serving plate. I love to have chilli & garlic to go with my food but the hub might prefers tomato sauce or other sauce. This is a great sauce especially for steamboat. 

All items from ZuperZozial are made from bamboo & corn powder making them very safe to use even for babies or toddlers. They sell bowls for soup and other kitchen wares as well. In this age where people are getting more conscious on health, it’ll be good if we use something more suitable and less harmful to our body. They are biodegradable and environmental friendly too, we can do our part to save the world while using pretty items. 

Zuperzozial is available on hipvan(click on the link on individual item) and Robinsons(Jems & Heeren outlet). They have discounts going on now online and during Black Friday on 27th November, they are having 30% off in Robinsons!

What’s more, I have collaborated with them to give away a cruising travel mug below on my Instagram(mandalogy21). Do head over there now and win yourself a mug this Christmas.

Instagramming: Mandalogy21

*All photos credit to Hipvan except for the Christmas Cruising Mug.

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