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Hualien, Taiwan

After a 4.5 hour of flight, 1 hour of bus to Taipei Main Station & 3 hours of High Speed Rail, we finally reached Hualien. It felt like I’ve flew to Europe instead of going to Taiwan. 

 Checked in to our hotel, Beautiful Hotel. Hualien is a small town where it’s accessible and I think the hotel is located between town & train station. The room is very big and the staff are very friendly. If I’m visiting HuaLien again, I’ll definitely stay here. Remember to choose the one with a mountain view, waking up to that view was one of the best thing that happened in this trip. 

Hualien has about 2-3 night market and we were told the best to visit was Rainbow market. Apparently there wasn’t much stuff to shop or games to play so we kept our eyes focus on food since we were stuffing like mad. The tasted so-so in my opinion as compared to other night market food in Taiwan but the dessert was good. There’s actually many dessert store when we walked out of the night market into the town for some shopping. We randomly walked into one and the.standard was good. 

  We were greeted with a beautiful view of greens in our balcony. Ain’t it beautiful? I think I can wake up to this everyday. 

We had an early breakfast because we were going out to the sea later on. The coffee at this cafe is nice, not what we expected it to be. We went to the main shopping area and bought a lot of beauty product and some cheap cheap clothing before rushing back to our hotel for our dolphin trip. 

I was feeling so excited about this wild dolphin trip in Pacific Ocean. We were told that not every group gets to see them in action and a group that went a week before us came back without seeing anything. I was praying hard and asking God to let me see the Dolphins. This trip cost us SGD40.00 each and there’s only 1 company that’s doing this trip in Hualien. We got the hotel to book this for us and apparently we discover that we paid SGD20.00 as compared to those who booked directly with the company. So my advice is to check with the hotel you are staying with how much does it cost for a trip out, some might have discount due to partnership. The wild dolphins are excited to see us too, they just appeared out of no where and it was so fun watching them play. Towards the end of the trip, I couldn’t take it and vomited quite a bit in the toilet. But still, being out on one of the greatest ocean is great and the experience will be something I’ll never forget.


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