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Bodyshop: Oils of Life 

 Attended a skincare workshop by Bodyshop on their latest product: Oils of Life. Attended the Oils of Life workshop conducted by Bodyshop. There was basic teaching on skincare and introduction to their new product: Oils of Life. I was surprised to find out that facial oil are useful for sensitive combination skin. The Oils of Life from Bodyshop consisted of 3 precious seed oils & 7 essential oils. And I was very surprised to find the many benefits of it. We were taught how to massage our face correctly as well and I think the method that Bodyshop uses is very interesting. You may find more information below.
The very friendly & engaging skincare trainer.

3 Precious seed oils and their specific function. Personally I love  the rose hip oil.   


The 7 essential oils that are in the Oils of life. You must be thinking what is Lavandin right? It’s actually the cousin of lavender but it’s taller in height as compared to Lavender. Such an interesting fact right?


Benefits of Oils of Life. I’m amazed that it can work both as an essential oil & facial oil. 

The recommended regime for our skincare! That’s a lot of hardworking.


Simple but interesting massage steps that Bodyshop came up with.

We were given the items to try on the spot and I love how Oils of Life smells and function like essential oil but yet doesn’t have that sticky or oily feeling. We tried a few other product including the Essence of Youth, a range that I’m currently using. 

After the workshop, we were given a chance to consult the skincare & makeup expert on any issues that we wanted too. The first time I did was to consult the makeup expert concerning makeup. She gave me a mini makeover which I feel was good. And I learnt a lot about eye makeup.

And in case you are interested, the Oils of Life is available at all Bodyshop outlet. You can walk into any of the outlet and I believe the skincare expert is able to give you clearer explanation of this Oils of Life. And not forgetting Yvonne we came with me!


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