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Althea Korea

I’m so excited because Althea Korea will be launching their website in SINGAPORE! U hear me right, for those who love Korean brands such as Skinfood, Laneige, 3CE and so forth, you are in for a great time.

Head over to Althea Korea(Click here) to register and receive SGD10 credit and there’s more, they are offering free shipping for orders above SGD50.00.

You’ll love how they have the basic necessity such as cleanser, skincare to trendy items such as facial mask, lip care and so forth.

And the brands available are LOVE too. I was so happy to see my favourite brands such as Laneige, Skinfood, 3CE and Sulwhasoo. How could I resist clicking on them!

Lip Sleeping Mask

Berry Mix COMPLEX TM – Vitamin C and antioxidant-packed berry ingredients are smooth and will cultivate healthy lips.MOISTURE WRAP TM – Supporting the skin with hyaluronic acid purification factor. Sour, sweet berry flavors help with a good night’s sleep.

One of the must get is Laneige Lip Sleep Mask! I’ve been quite a lazy bum, using this on & off but it has given my lip the ample care that it requires. And look at the discounted price, $7.00 off! I’m definitely getting from here after my current one is finished.

Water sleeping mask

Moisturization & Brightening. Feel the difference with water sleeping pack as it locks in moisture while you are asleep to leave your skin deeply hydrated and brightened.

Another of my must have, Laneige Water Sleeping mask. I’m into my Nth(lost count) bottle and on nights when I’m lazy, this is all I need to wake up with my skin feeling good. I recommended this to a few of my friends that viola, they love it the way I do. And the PRICE, cheaper than some sellers you can find online. 

Sulhwasoo Formulated with Korean Medicinal Herbs

Membranous Milk-vetch promotes natural skin circulation and Dwarf Lilyturf and Licorice boost synergy among herbal extracts to restore skin??s natural healthy radiance.

Absorbs instantly and deep within the skin, this serum leaves the skin soft, smooth and supple, prepares skin to receive treatment and boosts the efficacy of skin care used throughout the regimen.

And I gasp when I saw this at HALF price. Sulwhasoo need no introduction and we know how Korean stars are using them. 

And they carry 3CE makeup too! Did I see that it’s SGD10.00 off their unique gold mascara?! 

In case you are still having hesitation about Althea Korea, fear not because their products are all shipped in from Korea with authentication guaranteed. I’m definitely in for Korea imported products at a fraction of the price that I’m paying in store! Can’t wait for the items to arrive and I shall share with you girls more! 
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