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Taichung, Taiwan 2015(Part 2)


The High Speed Rail takes 45 minutes for us to reach Taichung from Taipei. Along the way, the view was splendid, minds me of Europe.



My Taichung friends brought us to this nicely decorated place for a good meal. The food served was authentic Taichung food that tastes really nice. It was a busy catching up session with Daphne & ShuJuan. It felt like yesterday we were in bible school, fighting the battle and journey with each other. But in actual fact, it has been 7 years. Feeling blessed for having them in my life. This place is highly recommended for their food & ambience.


地址: 路二段111之1號1樓

*Taichung does not have a developed train service and their buses are so complicated to take and the waiting time of 30 mins is a killer. Ended up we cab around which is not expensive at all. 

After dropping off our luggage at my friend’s place, they drove us to Taichung Cultural & Creative industrial Park. There are small pockets of galleries featuring the local art work and at different dates, there will be different exhibition. When we were there, the galleries were featuring mostly on traditional arts such as paper cutting(which is amazing at how 1 piece of paper can became the art I posted above) or wood craft. Recommended for people who loves to see culture or art. If not, you’ll feel bored here. 

Taichung Cultural & Creative industrial Park

地址: 台中市南區復興路三段362號

After an afternoon of arts, we headed over to 一中夜市 to meetup with Daphne for a night of feasting. She recommended us all the famous and delicious stall to eat and we went back with a bursting stomach. We had a great time catching up too and I’m so thankful for a friend like her who encouraged me and shared with me her story too. Thanks for the wonderful evening out and with you as our guide, it’s definitely more fun. 

Our first cafe hopped place was Princess Annie’s garden located up at Xinshe Town. We wanted to stay for high-tea but the many cats there made me want to leave the place. Do take note that the cab fare up there is NT500 but going down cost NT1200. So it’s better to book a cab up and ask the driver to wait for you to drive you down. I wasn’t expecting the food to be nice but they turned out to be delicious. Really love it when we are up on a mountain, breathing fresh air and enjoying the nature. But the cats roaming around and inside the cafe really made my hair stand and felt like escaping anywhere that I could. 

Princess Annie’s Garden

地址: No.223 Zhongxing Street, Xinshe District, Taichung City

Tel: 04-2593 1567

Dinner was at a random place for hot steamboat and we headed home after roaming Feng Jia night market because the next day will be another day full of activities.












CingJing Farm is like a 世外桃源! You can choose to book a cab up and down at about SGD100-120 depending on the driver. If you prefer to save money and do it the local way, you can take the 清境观光巴士 which cost about SGD40.00 for 2-way journey. The time taken is the same just that for the bus, there is a certain bus timing daily(you can google the bus schedule before heading to see what are the timings available). The 清境观光巴士 can be taken from the bus depot, if you are intending to take a cab from your hotel, you may tell the cab driver that you want to take the bus to Cing Jing and they will know where to bring you to.

Everything is so relax and beautiful. The temperature is about 15-18 degree, just nice for us to walk around and enjoy the fresh air with Sheeps. I can’t bear to leave when we had to bid goodbye with the Sheeps & mountain, I’ll definitely be back again.

We didn’t want to wait for the 清境观光巴士 to bring us down to the lunch place because we are starving like mad after all the climbing. So we took a cab, which is easily available, to this place at about SGD8.00. It’s about a 7 minutes journey and cabs within the mountain top are very easy to get. We spent the next few hours in this England style castle: 老英格兰. We had their lunch set followed by high tea, really eat till my stomach burst. The view around is too beautiful and we were feeling quite upset when we had to catch the last public bus back to city area.

We had to bid ShuJuan farewell and treated her to Carton King Cafe. Thanks for being such a nice host, fetching us to & from the train station, bringing us around and helping us find information just because you know how limited my mandarin standard is. I’ll definitely be back to Taichung to look for you & Daphne again, I’m blessed to have friends like you girls. 

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