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Teppei Omakase Dinner

I enjoyed Teppei Lunch a lot and have been wanting to try their special Omakase Dinner. For their dinner, it’s strictly by reservation with no walk-in and the best part is that they only open reservation booking 4 times a year. You’ll have to check the details on their Facebook on when is the next opening date for booking of dinner, wake up at 8am on that particular day and play fastest finger to key in your details and submit to show interest. I remembered there was about 500 people showing interest in that 30 seconds, quite scary. After having done so, you’ll need to check back their Facebook on details on which number you are, where have they called till and slots available for a particular day etc. I’m quite glad I managed to secure 4 seats for the Fammie. 

As the place is very small, we can’t bring Axel boy or Zayne BB along, it’ll be an adult only dinner. I guess we are all looking towards the adult talk but yet at the same time missing the babies. Quite irony I know. 

Worn my new pleated dress from Love Bonito for the dinner. 

Free flow green tea served in a beer mug.

Appetizer that I have nothing much to rave or complain about. 

Fresh sashimi! 

Seaweed Chawanmushi with FIGs. First time trying this combination, I think it tasted quite refreshing but not quite what I like. 

Fried fish which I didn’t touch at all, cooked fish is simply not my kind of thing.

Exotic clams which looks like dinosaur claw. 

Chef Teppei went around with this spoon filled with Tuna & Uni to feed the customer. 

Scallop which I didn’t touch too! BIB & Jie gets to enjoy some double portion because of the fussy eater.

Unique tofu skin which I can’t appreciate.

Poprice which tasted like mini-popcorn! Looks so beautiful.

Chef Teppei & another chef went around showcasing the waygu beef in the words “I Love u Leh” before cooking it into yummy beef.

Collagen soup

Ocean’s grape.

Uni is da bombz.

Sashimi cake for Jie’s birthday.

Overall it was a nice experience as the place is very cosy and chef Teppei is very friendly & humorous. $80.00 for 16 course dinner serving such delicious food is worth it. If I have the chance, I’ll definitely be back again.
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