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Taipei, Taiwan 2015(Part 1)


We ended day one early because I was feeling so tire. Went to this Merriterrian restaurant located in 师大夜市 for their salted egg clams risotto which turns out to be very good. The freshness of the clams with the unique salted egg makes the risotto very flavorful. It was shopping time before we headed back to 西门町 for more food before calling it a day.



Our first stop for second day was 胡须张滷肉飯 which is a must-have during every Taipei trip followed by shopping at 五份铺. We were quite blessed that the train was totally empty on a Monday afternoon. Their train crowd is liken to Singapore’s crowd so we were quite surprised that it was empty. 


地址: 台北市永吉路533號

Nearest MRT: 後山埤(5 mins walk, walk towards the direction of 五份铺)


We decided to try our “luck” by doing a walk-in to Taipei’s most famous cafe, Smith & Hsu. Felt quite blessed that we have gotten the last empty table. And the moment we were seated, it began to rain cats & dogs outside. We had a pot of tea each and order scone to share. We had the original & mango flavored scone with the original sauce & honey sauce. The scones are love and they taste way better than those I’ve tried in London. The honey sauce was very delicious too, Enling bought a bottle of it home. After trying this, I can understand why their reservations are full everyday and they remain number 1 in Taipei.

Smith & Hsu

地址: 台北市忠孝東路五段33號 

Nearest mrt: Metro Taipei City Hall Station Exit 1


We stumbled upon 等一个人咖啡 cafe and we knew we had to go in for a cup of 老板娘特制. The 2 of us are huge fans of the movie And it was a movie came alive drink for us. Nothing too fanciful, just sitting there and enjoying the cafe of one of my favourite movie.



Nearest mrt: Metro Taipei City Hall Station Exit 1


After the rain stopped, we moved on to our last destination for the night, 饶河夜市. This is my favourite night market when it comes to food for Taipei. This is also the only place where they have pink guava juice and it’s like a must have. I guess the rain dampen the night market spirit because quite a number of stalls were not open for business and there was basically no crowd. But still, I had my fun of eating non-stop before heading back to the hotel with a big, fat stomach!


We were up early on the third day because we have to catch a train from Taipei to Taichung! There were 2 options to choose from, TSR(Half the price of HSR but double the timing) or HSR. We opted for HSR because of the time we can saved. After purchasing our ticket, we stumbled upon another famous cafe in Taiwan, Dazzling Cafe. From what I heard from many friends, the food standard in Taiwan is better than the one in Singapore so we were quite happy to have the chance to try this. I had the banana chocolate toast with hazelnut latte. The toast was very nice and for a non-bread lover like me, I finished up the whole toast on my own. This place is another must try cafe for cafe lovers, their toasts are on-par with those I had in After You Bangkok.

Dazzling Cafe

Address: No 11, Alley 7, Lane 205, Section 4, Zhongxiào East Road

Nearest Station: Taipei City Hall(proceed to level 2 of the ticketing counter)


On our last day in Taipei after exploring Taichung and Kaoxiong, it was raining cats and dogs. We went to Alice is coming cafe, a theme cafe for Alice in Wonderland. The food tasted really good and the setting makes you feel like you are in a garden party. Definitely worth a visit for the theme and the nice food. Do note that you only have 90minutes time for food.

Alice is Coming


Nearest MRT: 西门 Exit 3

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