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It was a hectic week at work for me with an external event and Friday being the last day of work for me before I’m on my one month break. The event was fun as usual with my fun-loving team, not forgetting how we laughed at the golden nugget and I even formed a “WANG” with it. Finally gotten iPhone6 after so many months of waiting, loving the new graphics and camera function, definitely worth the wait. Had the chance to try the famous beef hor-fun opposite of Thomson medical as well, it does live up to its name but I think the standard of the old-Geylang stall is much better. Momma bought crab for dinner and we went to try Nakhon Kitchen at Yishun. It wasn’t too long a wait so I’ll say it’s worth it, if the Queue takes up to an hour or more, I might not be willing to Queue. And do not be deceived by the salad and raw food from Jason’s market, I had a bad food poisoning after consuming them, even had to give up on my first paper because I was feeling too unwell. 

It’s another 48 hours before examination is over. I dreadddddddddd exam!!!!! Can’t wait for the holidays after that but I’ll miss my babies too, will be away for 3 weeks. 

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