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Happy God-Momma’s Day


Celebrated and received my first God-Momma’s day gift from my precious God-Son, exploding love for this little cutie. I needed a lot of happy food last week, lunch at Goyza-Ya was fantastic. I had some bad Japanese meal at Fuichiki, I can’t believe we paid $20ish for such a bowl of Chirashidon, the worse I ever had. Thank God the Chirashidon lunch at itacho sushi made up for it the next day. Honey Creme had no queue so I went in and gotten myself a cup of Organic Cotton Floss, a little pricy for cotton floss with vanilla ice cream. Ended late Friday night with the ultra salty meal at Sunday Market follow by some Korea fine dinning meal that doesn’t keep the stomach full at all. 

Last but not least, happy belated Mother’s Day to all the noble momma out there. 

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