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Mandy’s Psycho: In the Beginning

When I revived this blog, I wanted it to be informative so I started more on cafes and tips or information about holidays. Deep down in my heart, I also wanted to share what I study on this platform to educate people on the myths and do my best I could to take away any social stigma society has on people who are mentally ill. I’m not a linguistic person and this makes taking a Degree in Psychology & Sociology very tough because this degree is all about research, reading, analyzing and writing. And I always thought I’ll be better off in some degree that involves numbers because numbers are my strength since young. But I have that little dream to help kids with mental illness but can’t afford expensive therapies or help since young and have to carry that illness for a lifetime. When I tell people I studied hard, it meant spending hours to find research papers, reading every single paper at least twice to ensure that I understood what was written, point down my analysis in point form, spent hours to put them into 1500 words of academic writing before submitting.

Since I’ve spent a long time to do research on certain topics, why not share it on this blog? Even if it’s just 1 person reading and gaining knowledge, it’s still enough for me because I believe, ONE AT A TIME. Of course the topics im sharing will not be some “Chim-Logy” stuff, it’ll be on topics of psychology & sociology that we get to see in our daily life or even on tv. I’m having a two short exam break and I guess I’ll come up with my first post very soon! Let’s hope it’ll benefit someone out there. 

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